"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hi ho hi ho maybe to work I go

Tomorrow at 8am I am heading off to a local farmer's dairy farm to see if he wants to hire me as a relief milker. Considering I have never milked anything in my entire life he's taking a bit of a gamble, but heres hoping it pays off. This could be the job I've always wanted but never knew about. Awww heck I just don't know. Of course this also solves the problem of 'wanting to 'marry' a farmer', I may as well just be one myself. Hopefully will have news regarding this tomorrow. At this stage it will be only 25 hours a week and we can review it after 1 month, in case I hate it, or am just not suited. Of course Im scared, I always am regarding something new, but it could be good - I sure hope so.

Sister, Gareth and neice are visiting at the moment. All is well. Gemma, Nikki and Gareth all had a ride on Chanel, so that was cool.

Finished Christmas shopping today. Got my Dad's golf balls for his birthday, which were the last things that I had to get, and actually the first things I needed since his birthday is the 22nd. I also got myself two t.shirts. I'm so outta control with the credit card - I need both a job and for the house to sell.

Perhaps life is picking up (touching wood). I do need perspective though as my life, on the grand scheme of things, is never ever really all THAT bad.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I can not believe how bored I have been over the last two days. I think it may be stress induced. Does that make sense? Anyway, yesterday to combat the boredom I went for a drive in the car for a couple of hours. It was good. Did not see any properties for sale that I wanted to buy but, since it appears the sale of the property up north is not going to go through, its going to be a long time before I have any cash to purchase anyway.

Never heard back about the job I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago either. In customer services. Yeah. Great customer services people. I believe I left to the words of 'we will definitely call you mid-week regarding the job'. WHATEVA!!!! I'm a bit pissed off about it as it would have been a job I both enjoyed and was good at. I SO NEED A JOB!!! I might ring the meat works tomorrow and see if they have any lab jobs. Now I'm getting desperate, and I probably can not get one of those either.

Mum, Dad and I went and checked out a 28acre property today. I didn't like it. Couldn't really describe why, I just didn't. Hated the house!!! And the neighbours did not look overly tidy ... I don't like untidy land. I'm happy to buy and tidy up land, but to have neighbours with untidy land I'm not keen on since I can't do anything about it. But it just didn't feel right anyway.

I have done no fitness over this weekend. Shocking!!! I'm taking the next week off walking/running to try and fix my leg but shall get out swimming and biking.

My darling horses have been angels. Shifted them yesterday and finally got off of my lazy ass and rode them both days. Both behaving swell. Off to write some lists in an attempt to fix my life once again - not that its seriously bad, just not heading in a direction that I feel it should be. I'm so over having a holiday!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Joy is having two new tyres

I still have a damn sore leg, damn, damn, damn!!! Didn't even powerwalk today - arghhhhhhhh. I did walk to town and finish off my Christmas shopping, and posted almost all of my Christmas cards. I bought my sis and her partner a photo album (black page jobby not plastic slip in) and some photo splits and two pens that will write on black paper quite nicely. I also bought my cousins kid some stickers - just to slip in with the Chrissy card. Tried to get Dads 'Nike' golf balls but the local sports shop doesn't have them so I need to try again - these are actually his birthday gift, but at this time of year its all the same!!!

I then sat at home and read a book and waited til Ma n Pa came home with my new tyres that are now on my car - vrooom vrooom. So I took the car for a spin, Docs jumped in so it turned out that I headed down to the river for a bit of fun (and a swim for her as it was ROASTING here today) and I took her through the bush of course. I then came home, dropped off the dog, headed into town to get some ice-cream and some ice-blocks (I repeat it was ROASTING here), and that was my day. Sweet and simple!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Changed my tyre but my spare was flat

And so the story goes. Had a wonderful swim in the morning. There was a bus outside the pool that could only mean one thing .... SCHOOL KIDS .... ARGHHHHHH. But it wasnt so bad, they were kayaking so only 3 in the pool at once, and such quiet, well behaved kids. Don't know what school they were from but MAN awesome kids. I swam 1250M - go me!!! 1050 freestyle, 100 'breast stroke' and 100 backstroke. Twas brilliant.

Walked home and met Dad by the railway lines. He stopped and told me I had a flat. BUGGA. Got home and had an early lunch. Changed my tyre. My spare was flat. I actually think its rotten - ugh. Dilemma - do I fork out good $$$ to fix the tyres (I think I need new tyres not just repairs) when the car is bound to be junked hopefully in a few weeks. Oh it may be best, at least that way I still have some transport. Because of the flats I didn't get to go bike!! Rats.

I did go to town and christmas shop. Got my ex-husband a book, and my neice (ex??) a book and a memo/photo holder magnet thing. Got my mum a bum-bag bottle holder thing for walking, and a pedometer (for her b'day - I forgot that I actually get her a magazine sub for her b'day so I might check with sis if she wants to buy it for her). Got dad a sudoku thingy for Chrissy, getting him Nike golf balls for his b'day (thats what he wants). And got my bubba neice a champions t-shirt, a giraffe fridge magnet (she loves magnets) and a soft dog (half price - hehehe). Oh and I got an Edna calendar for the parents (and one for me) and a bum-bag bottle holder for me too. So just gotta work out what to get the Sis and G and Im done, oh aside from the whole Chrissy card mail-out thing. I had such FUN today.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Still not running

Headed out for my run this morning like a good girl. Walked the first 1km or so then attempted to kick it up into my run. No go. My leg hurt. I jogged about 500M but it didn't get any better so I just power walked this morning. Its a pain that I could jog through for the Kaweka Challenge, but when Im just training I figure Im better to take it a bit easier.

Proceeded to sit on my ass the rest of the day, read a book, searched for jobs (applied for one on a spur of the moment - not hoping for too much), played online, even watched Dr Phil ... ooops.

Got my fingers crossed that the house sale goes through next week, not holding my breath until the funds are in my account though - actually I won't hold my breath then either ... perhaps the 'not counting my chickens' saying comes into play more accurately.

Wooo hoooo swim and bike day tomorrow ... yeah!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Life is a revolving door, it spits one out then grabs one more

Went for a swim this morning. I managed to swim 550M freestyle, 100M breast-stroke (in Micha fashion that is) and 100M backstroke. Of course Im having a breather every 50-100M but Im getting there. Loving swimming though, loving it!!!! I could have bobbed around in that pool allllll day.

Went for a bike this arvo. Twas great. Im so unfit though, its starting to get to me. I should be relatively fit by now but, no, Im puffing away like a steam train GOD DAMN IT!!!! Less than 3 months til Kaweka Challenge ... ARGHHHHH ... surely I can cope with a 28km mountain 'run'. Speaking of which I shall attempt to find out how far my tramps have been to give me some idea of my 'speed'. If its what I think it is I have a TONNE of work to do.

House sale ... yeah whateva ... f*$% I hope it all works out, I really really really do.
Job .... see same as house sale
Found houses I want to buy, out of my league of course ... must win lotto (is that now a recurring theme????)

Fire siren just went off in Waipuk!!! OOoooh the excitement

Ordered my neice some lego with my flybuys points .... I finally had enough points to get something, Im so stoked!!!

Time and date 7.03pm 06 Dec 2005 Oh feck, just found me time and date bar .... BLONDE

Its about time the world was on New Zealand time, really!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Och me aching feet

Went for a 6hr tramp today. Attempted once again to go to Gold Creek Hut. Found Gold Creek. Found the start of the track. Got about 10M where-by the track ran out. Hopped over the fence and attempted to head up the farmers paddock instead of bush bashing, but no good. Very steep and quite loose shingle plus spikey shrubs, so I stopped, had a bite to eat, took some pics, hiked back to the bottom, then headed off and hiked Yeomans Track instead. Next time I attempt Gold Creek Hut I shall approach it via the creek and come back via the ridge track (hopefully). I decided better to feel a prat and 'give-up' rather than be a prat and get lost or injured.

Tired now

Time and date 07.10pm 3 Dec 2005

Bed time

Didn't run this morning, power walked instead. Farmer in red ute stopped and said 'not running up the hill today?' and I had to say, nah - got a sore leg - which I do but it just makes me sound like such a wuss. Ahhh well.

Didn't achieve much at all today actually. Shifted the horses, who then tore around like lunatics. Went with Dad to the 'old' place and picked up the timber and a trough that he had left behind. It is such a beautiful area out there *sigh* Oh well, its sold and gone now, plus Dad can't farm forever.

Cooked dinner and watched Point Break, then came on the computer. Bahhh what a waste of a day!! Ive been nothing short of pathetic since returning from Westport, what the heck is my problem!!???!!

Time and date 09.51pm 02 Dec 2005

Thursday, December 01, 2005


So got up, well, can't actually remember the time now, had to muck around for a long time before heading down to the pool. Managed to swim 500M total this time so I did a lot better than Tuesday. Cute farm-boy went through to the gym again, I was making obvious pointing gestures to my sister, who finally saw him. Cute farm-boy smiled at me, only because I was with 2 year old neice in the pool and chucking her around a bit - felt like screaming 'shes my neice, Im single' - but hey, chances are he's just outta high school, and judging by his looks he's way outta my league anyway - sure a nice peice of eye candy though!!

So swam my 500M (in 50M bursts) and then we went into town. Got new brake pads for bike, and picked up a DVD at the same time .... oooops!!! Watched it tonight, its 2 DVD's and the second 'bonus extra' is actually better than 'real one' ... Im not that keen on the sound track on disk 1, but hey I might come to like it. Of course after The Collective, Im kinda spoiled when it comes to MTB DVD. The shop guy mentioned that The Collective are bringing out another one in Feb so, yeah, I want it. Might build myself a wee jump tomorrow and really get into it even more, at least build up my confidence.

Kathmandu are having a sale so I bought myself a new sleeping bag 60% off!!!! And a sleeping bag liner, and 2 waterproof emergency ponchos (one for Dad since I used his last weekend), and the neice got a fleece vest. Entered the draw to win $500.00 of stuff - yeah!!! Sister almost talked me into getting a cheap tent as well, but I think I will wait and get a slightly more decent one.

Ate too much junk ... awww crap!

Time and date: 09.54pm 01 Dec 2005

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Flying flying flying ... CRASH LANDING

Actually managed to haul ass outta bed and go for my run this morning. I actually kind of enjoyed it, almost. Bugga'd me out pretty good. I went close to 10km I think - plus the powerwalk as well.

Then I had an interview in town at 11am. I think it went ok but won't know anything until mid next week. Didn't wear makeup - could be my downfall - but I just don't own any.

Bike. Bike!!!! Was awesome today. Had a brilliant ride. Bugga'd me out pretty good too :-) I'm keen to get a new bike but .....

Looks like the sale of the joint property has fallen through due to a typo on the water easement. Trying to sort it out without knowing the full details is a bit tricky. Getting lawyer A to email me so I can email lawyer B (who missed the error when we purchased it) in an attempt to get it fixed up. Of course it could just be a loophole for the purchasers to get outta buying, but who knows.

I'm tired and stressed and don't think I can be bothered going to the tramping club meeting tonight. Not in the mood to drive 45 minutes to meet strangers and then tramp with them on Sunday. Might just tramp by myself this weekend again. Was going to go shopping and buy a sleeping bag etc on sale tomorro, but since no definite job, no house sale, might just sit at home and lick my wounds - will go for a swim tomorrow though - I forgot how I love to swim.

Time and date 5.27pm 30 Nov 2005

Monday, November 28, 2005

More a chip than a fish

Went for my first swim in about 5 years today, and I SUCKED!!! I managed to swim about 200M, with many many rests in between. Many years ago I could swim 2km!!! So now Im going to swim 2-3 times a week and get back into it. I just can't get the breathing thing right. Time and practice I guess.

Going to Mtb this afternoon too, since I sucked at that on Saturday.

Hungry now.

And the freakin thing wont let me alter the date and the time so it is actually 12.17pm, 29 Nov 2005

Where oh where has my little dog gone

The weather is absolutely freakin disgusting. Im taking the day off from training because I just can't see the point in slogging my guts out for 10km in this disgusting shite. I think I will spend the day job hunting, again. First on my list to update my cv and apply for a job in Dunedin. Chances of getting the job - next to nil, but at least its an attempt in an area Im interested in working in - both location and industry.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Snow. Snow?? SNOW!!!

So it took me a while to get my lazy ass outta bed this morning, but I did eventually. Dressed myself, packed my daypack, had some toast and then said 'bye' to Ma n Pa. 20 minutes later I actually made it out the door, got some gas, and headed out to Sunrise Track to head up to Sunrise Hut. 3 nice folks in the carpark when I got there, they had just come down after spending the night up there. I think the bloke was a bit worried about me. Told me it was snowing, to which I said 'cool'. He checked I had warm gear, I told him I had an entire emergency kit, I'd be right, and hey, its practically a footpath up there anyway. Ahhh yes, but people have gotten lost up there despite that. Really??!! Yes, apparently so. He also informed me that there was a group of around 12 14-15 year old boys headed in for a 5 day tramp and no doubt I'd pass them. And I did :-) GO ME!!!!

So the signs say it will take around 2.5-3 hours to get to Sunrise Hut. I plan on doing it in 2, and manage to do it in 1hr 40min. I did only have a day pack on though. Must admit I got a nice surprise when I did see the hut - well its more a lodge than a hut these days. And it was cold and snowing up top, oh so pretty. Raining and cloudy the rest of the way. I was a bit damp (need a decent jacket) and cold (need better gloves) so only hung around the hut for 15 minutes to have a muesli bar and a mini crunchie and a bathroom break. Took a few snaps - 36 exposure film, less 4 snaps, gonna be a while before I see these ones. Put on my wet, cold gloves, and headed back to the carpark - 4-5km, approx 2 hours said the sign. Got below the snow line and met the young fellas on their way up. They were doing well, only about 20 minutes behind me and they had full packs for 5 days on, maybe being passed by an old girl inspired them somewhat. Then I decided to jog the rest of the way - I am in training after all. So I made it back to the carpark in an hour (I did walk a wee bit - generally the uphill sections). Got changed into my nice, dry, warm clothes - kinda tricky in the windy pissing rain, thank heavens for my back seat - and headed home.

Ma n Pa were a little worried because there is a concrete slab that sometimes becomes a 'ford' when its been raining, but all was fine, water was still well below it. I think they were on their way out to check on me soonish, so lucky I powered through the tramp.

Now if only I could win lotto ....

Saturday, November 26, 2005

One step forward two steps back

Went for my first bike in ages today. I thought that all of the running that I have been doing of late would have me going great guns. Came back down to Earth with a thud when I realised that, hey, actually my biking is worse than ever. I kinda got into it a bit for about the middle half, but the beginning and end was terrible. Walking my bike up stupid little hills, and I got lost, don't ask me how, I have no clue. I did bike for about 1.5hours, in the rain, and I had to get home by 1pm to shower and then head out to my cousin's kids 3rd birthday, so that didn't help matters. I really must just bite the petrol bullet and get out to the park twice a week. Irregular little bikes every now and then just won't cut it.

My cousins kids birthday was, ummmm, ok. I ended up talking to Mum, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, and Henry & Pauline (both my parents ages). Basically everyone there was either my parents age, or in their 20's, married, with children. Hmmmm I actually don't fit into either category, plus being a bit shy doesn't help. I must learn to make much more of an effort, but its just so hard!!!! I think most of them were churchy as well (ie young, married, with kids - way to generalise Micha!). Bah humbug.

Did get to see my Aunt and Uncles new house, which is pretty cool. I would love to buy their old house as it was originally my grandparents place and I absolutely adore it, but Ma n Pa say its too old and in too much disrepair, but who knows, whatever will be will be I guess. Oh yeah, gotta get a job in the area first!!!

Bah humbug - job hunt.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Power to the walk

Got up this morning at 8am, I did think it was later than that, and very glad that it wasn't. Power walked 12-13km today, my right calf muscle was not overly happy when I got up so I decided not to push it. Gonna change my training schedule from Monday, haven't sorted out the finer details yet but esentially run Mon, Wed, Fri, bike Tues, Sat, kayak maybe Wed, Sat, and tramp Sun. At this stage its still fully flexible and Thurs is likely to be day off. I also want to swim one day to get my confidence in swimming up. I haven't swum for so long, I used to really enjoy it though.

Oh, and job hunt everyday. I sure did not figure on it being this damn hard to find a flaming job down here ... Im just ever so slightly pissed about it.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Marshmellow mind

Since I got back from my one week at Westport my mind is just pure marshmellow. I can't be bothered doing anything except going for my run, and even then Im getting up way too late, and then thats me done for the day ... and its driving me nuts-o. Totally pathetic.

That said my run this morning was pretty darn good. We went for a drive this arvo and clocked it on the speedo as being a 9km run so Im quite pleased, and now I know what point I have to get to, to make it a 10ker - sweeeeet!! Twas raining and cold this morning but still enjoyable enough. I prattle on about being unsettled, but I really think that this is behind my focus problems, but I need to focus so I can get settled - awww pooh!! Must make more of an effort.

Did get reprints for Mike today. Hopefully Matt can send them to him for me as I don't have any clue as to what his postal addy is, and since his email addy is either a crock of shite or full its my only option. Oh well I have done my best. A stalker lives deep in my soul.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Girl got rhythm

Went for a run this morning and all was well. My runs in Westport were not overly fantastic, in fact my last one was a struggle from the moment I kicked up into the run from my powerwalk. Today, however, all was sweet. Settled into a nice rhythm, felt comfortable, and enjoyed the whole experience. I think the hills help in that, especially on the downside, you get a great stride and 'zen' thing happening. I have thought about heading out for a bike today as well, but not in the mood to drive the 50km or 85km to get to a decent track. Plus Im still just a wee bit jaded from last week - GET OVER IT ALREADY!!! I will walk the dog down at the river though, after lunch. And I shall walk to town to get a few reprints and some cat biscuits. Yeah.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Back to training tomorrow

Didn't run today, was still in bed at 10am, but finally managed to drag my ass out and proceeded to laze around on the computer uploading pics, sending out annoying emails, receiving many a delivery failure notice in return. Ahhh crap, guess thats just what life wants to throw my way at the moment. Had a run in with Ma this morning, a few home truths flying both ways Im afraid. I was tired though, not sure what her excuse was. All water under the bridge, but really, I don't want to be living here anymore than they want me here. Close by is ok. Same house, thanks but no thanks, not for too long anyways. Money and job situation does not help the whole mental frame of mind either.

Should be fine and dandy to get up tomorrow and get out for a 10kmish run. Hopefully will also be able to get out and go for a bike, and exercise the dog(s) down at the river. I thought about it today but the weather has not been at all pleasant, and I've been lazy. That has to stop, right now!!!! I did manage to finish my book - No Mean Feat by Mark Inglis - double amputee who became a para-olympian and managed to climb Mt Cook again. Twas an ok book but Im so psyched by the whole adventure race thing now. Ordered a book by Ian Adamson, leader of Nike Balance Bar, that might take 4-6 weeks to arrive. He's cool and I'm not *sigh*. I think Im on a downer after the thrills of last week. Im sure I shall be up again by tomorrow, can't really keep a happy girl down for long.

Pictures from Westport

Exit point of something-or-other rapid that I have forgotten the name of.

Buller River by the Owen Tavern. You can see Didymo in the foreground, a browny beigey scunge.

Mike T on the 'SU-PA MAAAANNNNN' flying fox back from the swingbridge across the Buller. I screamed and I wasn't even on it.

Didymo aka Rock Snot. Its the browny beige stuff, not green

Monday, November 21, 2005

Didymo, Adventure Racing, and 18 year olds - aka the best week of my life

Last Sunday off I travelled down to Westport to do a weeks work with Agriquality in regards to the didymo outbreak. I wasnt to sure if I wanted to go, long way to venture for a weeks work, but hey its not like I had anything better to do with my time. Got to Nelson in one piece and meet up with Matt ... eventually - its hard to find a person, even in a small airport, if you have no idea what they look like. So we hopped into the rental and I talked his ear off with my typical blah blah blah rubbish for the next 3 hours, until we arrived in Westport. We then hooked up with Cheryl and waited for Alison, Mike and Ryan to show up for a wee team briefing. I got asked if I wanted to help with the showering of the adventure race athletes (obviously they didn't know me particularly well at this stage), so I said 'yeah thats fine' - (Im such a cool customer) - then they said 'great, we need to be out there at 5.30am on Tuesday so be up by 4am. Im sure when I left MAF I muttered something about no more ridiculously early starts. But it was cool, they needed Alison and I to do it as we were older, female, and more mature (well 2 outa 3 aint bad, right?). Meeting over we went out for dinner, then back to the motel, and Cheryl went home the next day.

Monday we went out on river patrol. Basically we drove up to Murchison and back stopping along the way to inform any punters out there about didymo and how to clean stuff. Halfway back down on the riverbed in a large campervan were a couple of german tourists. We hung around and the boys played stoneball, skipped a few stones, and we chatted to a trio of adventure race helpers who were going to camp down there. German tourists leave, well try to leave as they promptly got stuck, and stuck pretty bad. We tried pushing (and yelling 'get your foot off the accelerator' as the guy proceeded to really dig the rear wheels in bad). So Alison headed up to where the AR transition area was to get a tow rope off of one of the support crews. Finally found one, hooked up to Mark's hilux and began to tow the van out ... and this involved going up a steepish, river rocky, potholey bank. Ummmm, German tourist gunned it again and really dug it in at the bottom of the hill, at which point he leaned out of his window, looked back and shouted 'F*CK!!!!!'. So Alison and I head off to find a 'farmer with a tractor perhaps'. None in that area but we found a limestone works guy with a Safarri who was knocking off work and came down. With a tandem tow, guys pushing, and us girls shoving rocks into the dugout holes we finally managed to get the damn thing out. The best thing was the German girl (who was quite upset by the end of it) telling us in a quiet voice 'I told him not to go down there'. Well, yes, men are the same the world over Im afraid.We then headed back to the transition area and helped the guys finish off cleaning the mountain bikes, back to motel, shower, and dinner and a bit of pool playing.

Tuesday, up at 4am, down to the river by 5.30am, set up and waited for the first raftload of competitors to arrive. If they were on the water by 6am they would be with us by 7am. Finally, at 9.30am Balance Vector arrived 'hooray!!!!'. Got them all showered, all their gear cleaned, and on their way (too busy cleaning gear to actually see anything, and being Kiwis, tended to keep undergear on while showering anyway). Then a 5 hour wait for team 2. We were then kept pretty busy for the rest of the day, had a small break in the middle, and made it back to the motel at around 11.30pm. This was actually the best day. It was a total buzz, chatting with the competitors, working flat out. Some of the support crews were not the best so I had to run up the road at one point to get one teams bike shoes (technically a no-no but the checkpoint dude said it was ok and he wouldn't report it ... dont think the team came anywhere anyway). A lot of the teams didnt have towels either so my poor wee kathmandu towel was used over and over and over again and now its lost *sob*. I loved that towel.

Wednesday Mike, Matt and I did river patrol. This was a pretty fun day. Checked out some rapids, played stoneball, skimmed stones, and pissed myself stupid as the boys tried to throw with their left arms. Of course they could still throw better left handed than I can right, but they just looked so stupid, especially Mike who is a cricketer and softballer that can throw further than I have ever seen with his right arm, his left just sucked!! A nice quiet day where I purchased myself a painting in Merchison, had an early finish, a nice dinner and a bit of pool playing.

Thursday Ryan and I did River Patrol. Hes a bit of a quiet one so we just turned up the sounds and sung away (both off key). Called in to see Mike and Matt on the way back, who were up at the start of the kayak leg and had to hose down the support crews legs after they had pushed the teams off. It was a long day for them as they had been there since about 5.30am and Balance Vector didn't reach them until about 4.30pm. We hung around for a bit. Ron took me for a quick drive up the road to see if we could see any sign of the team, then called in on a coal miner dude who had 3 pet wekas and a one eyed dog. The wekas were so cool!! So was the dog. Alison and I went and had a quick bite to eat and then got out to the end point of the kayak at 7.30pm and waited for Balance Vector. The kayak leg was supposed to take 6-9 hours but the crew were sure they could do it quicker and sure enough, 8.30pm Balance Vector arrived. They took their showers with flashbulbs popping off all over the place, and we cleaned their gear. They then took a sleep and left again at just after midnight. Their setup is totally awesome, huge covered trailer,the works. Once their gear was done we headed back to the motels and slept.

Friday we were back at the end of the kayak leg to clean gear whilst the teams showered. Got to see a bit more at this shower than the other one. We were not quite as rushed and the tent was a wee bit more open ... not intentionally looking but the Swedes and Americans weren't particularly bashful and chatted away completely starkers (well the coherent ones, some were just a bit more zombie like). The pace this day was a bit more relaxed so a few of the Swede support crew girls asked for a shower and of course all the guys went 'sure'. The girls were quite happy to chat away starkers as well, much to the delight of the menfolk. Some of the competitors were pretty stuffed by this stage. One of the Swedish teams had about half an inch of white skin around the bottom of their feet, you could have just dug your fingernails in and scraped it off. They were so sore!!! I think they had about a 2 hour rest before their support crew sent them on their way. Unfortunately they arrived back about 2 hours later as the girl in the team had stuffed her knee and could not bush bash with it. They were pretty disappointed, couldn't track down their support crew, and proceeded to sleep in the officials tent in camp chairs.

Saturday Mike and I were on River Patrol and had a bit of a blast. Alison had cleaned her car the night before and by the time we had returned it looked like we had been out rallying *ooops* I learnt a few things that I had not encountered in my sheltered life, things I shant divulge here. Needless to say I now have a new hand sign and other mental images that shall crack me up for a few years to come. Both Mike and Ryan are Lincoln boys so I really dont need to say much more.

Saturday night was prizegiving for the AR so we popped down for a wee lookie. The boys headed off early as it was a bit boring, but I stayed with the older men to watch it to the finish. Lots of awards etc. Competitors falling asleep in their chairs, others on the floor taking a snooze, most of them were so stuffed. And getting up on stage and back down again was a bit of a trial for a lot of them. Balance Vector were, of course, fresh as daisys. They actually had the best time for every stage bar one so no wonder they kicked ass. I didnt feel like hanging around for the actual party bit so Tony and I headed back to 'the dog' to catch up with the boys. There was a bogan party happening so we played (and won) a few games of pool against Mike and Ryan, then Tony left so I teamed up with some guy named Luke, and continued to win games against Mike and Ryan 'hehehe'. By now I was beginning to realise that I was 34 and not 18, the music was too loud and there were too many heads and bodies 'banging' around so I headed back to the motel at around 12.30am. Apparently it didnt get much better and the boys left at 1am, so I didnt miss anything. I had visions of accidental heads clashing, fight ensuing, and Im so over that!!!!

Yesterday I got driven to Murchison, then swapped drivers and up to Nelson. Caught my flight to Wellington - windy, turbulent, total fun!!!! Had to rush to new gate as they had changed it and caught flight to Napier, picked up by ma n pa, KFC for tea, and sleep. My total hours for the week, around 95!!!!! Sweeeeet!!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Dog anal glands

My staffy just had her anal glands cleaned out by the vet. One good reason not to be a vet I guess, but then again I can think of many reasons not to be a vet. At least Doccy should be a lot more comfortable in that area for a while at least. I took her for a swim and walk down by the river today. I feel so guilty that I hadn't gotten around to it until today as she had such a great time. She chased sticks and swam in the river, and I took her for a walk through Lindsay Bush (no dogs allowed but I did have her on a leash so surely no real problems), so she had a thoroughly wonderful time. I shall take her again tomorrow, and then again when I return from the South Island.

Speaking of which I'm not actually going to be based in Nelson, Im going to Westport so I'm a bit more excited now. I loved the West Coast when I did my 'fly-by-night' drive up that way when I was returning to the North Island from Queenstown. It will be great to have a week down there to check it out (around work hours of course). Yep, Im now pretty excited. I'm meeting a guy from Auckland at Nelson airport and we are driving down to Westport from there. How I'm supposed to know who he is I have no clue but I'm sure it will all work out fine. I actually have a flight schedule so this time its all go ahead.

My run today went great. Most of the people who use our road at the time I'm running give me a nice wave as they drive past, and one poor farmer chap gets to wave twice as he passes me on the way to drop his kids off for the bus, and then again on his way back. I did my 'roadmarker sprints' again today, I wasn't in the mood and I had to push myself to do them, but I did do them and I did them well. I won't run again until Tuesday, if I have time and get myself organised enough in Westport. I will run after work instead of before because I don't know how much walking I will be doing during the day and I had better not poop myself out.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I cut the horses paddock in half

Well both of my horses are getting a bit too fat so I have fenced their paddock in half. Its my fault as I haven't been riding them yet Ive been feeding them so what did I expect to happen. Plus its good spring grass at the moment. Awww I can see them out the window right now and they are grooming each other, how adorable!! Despite being overweight they are both in tip top condition, all sleek and shiney.

My run went well today. I timed myself over the 7km and it was about 45minutes so not exactly the speed of, well, someone fast. I did an alternate road marker 'sprint' over the last km which made me feel a little bit nauseous by the last one. I am proud of the fact that I could actually push myself to the point of nausea - ie I didn't wimp out. For next week I was tossing up whether to extend the distance or do the road marker sprints. I have decided to do both as I coped with the sprints ok today. I think once I feel I am running an ok distance in total, ie 10km or something, I shall then try and improve my times. Maybe I should check out a training schedule somewhere.

The rest of the day has been average. Hi de hi de hi de hi, ho de ho de ho de ho. My aunt, uncle, cousin, cousins kid, and two other kids came over and visited. I made scones and fortunately they were edible. I originally was making them for Dad as hes been working really hard for the last few days with docking. Luckily he was around to get 2 or 3. I bought a cooked chicken and some fresh rolls so he will at least have a nice lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Self portrait from the Makaroro River aborted tramp

This is me looking worse than usual in a horrible beanie that I shall never wear again!!! Until I forget how bad it was and stick it back on my head. I was going to upload more pictures but time is running out and there is a tv prog. that I wanna watch. Today was good. Ran 7km, power walked 3km, walked to Waipukurau and back 3km, drove to Hastings and back, should be heading down to Nelson on Sunday, but Ive heard that one before.

Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm not the biggest idiot in the Ruahines

I'm pleased to say that my adventures yesterday were overshaddowed by the fact that 4 people ended up overnighting in the Ruahines last night after getting lost on the way to Triplex Car Park. I didn't get that lost, yay for me!!!! One of the 4 had to get choppered out as they suffered hypothermia.n uhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhll;;, That was a contribution from my neice Gemma. Anyway, I wouldn't have had a problem even if I was lost as I tramp with an emergency sleeping bag ... oh Im so self riteous, oh crap, I can't even spell it.

Today I went for a tiny, slow, 30 minute bike with my sister and the bub. It included going into Lindsay Bush (ooooops no cycles allowed) but being a Monday there were no other people, and its a wide easy track so no bike skids or anything. That basically means that I have had 2 rest days this week, which is not good!!! Tomorrow I shall resume running and I will stretch the distance out by 1km if I can. Plus I ate and ate and ate this afternoon and I don't know why.

I did manage to get off my ass long enough to ride Magic, and then dragged my sister out so Gemma could have a ride on Chanel.

Ate a cheesey dinner. And now waiting for pancakes ... oh what a bad day!!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Foiled by a Paradise Shelduck and other adventures

Was up at 6am this morning so I could get a nice early head start to the day and get out to the Ruahines at a decent hour. I babysat the cats outside til 7am then had neice under foot til I finally escaped at 8.15am. Got to the forest and was going to go to Gold Creek Hut, and me being me did not fully read the instructions so headed up the Makaroro River to try and find where the creek went off to the right. Wandered around for 45 minutes and crossed the river at least 3 times til I gave up. I haven't done any river crossings for a long time so I am now quite confident in knee deep, fast moving, strong currents. So then I headed back to my car to leave a note to say that I was going to do the Yeoman's Track instead (what I had agreed with my folks that I would do if I couldnt find the right one). So off I headed til I realised I didnt know where that track was 100% either, so I finally got out my wee DoC map to check I was headed in the right direction, and when I read it properly it told me 'yes you are in the right direction, and if you had gone this way to begin with you would have easily found the track to Gold Creek Hut *sigh*. So anyway I continued on to Yeoman's Track, as thats where the note in my car said I was headed and I couldnt be bothered going back to change it AGAIN. I got down this track around 10 minutes when a Paradise Shelduck with a 'damaged wing' began running along in front of me. So I figured it was faking injury to get me away from the nest. 15 minutes later its still in front of me, tripping up over sticks and debris on the track so I thought, shit maybe it does have a broken wing, at which point I figured that I couldn't chase the thing for the next 1.5 hours so, with a big sigh, I returned to the riverbed and ate my lunch before coming home. Does the story end there??? NO!!! I get to my car, unlocked it and hmmmm, that was weird the central locking didnt work. So I changed out of my wet boots and hopped in the drivers seat and 'CRAP', totally dead!!! No cell phone reception either so I then hiked up the road about 1.5-2kms and knocked on the farmers door and he kindly came down and jump started my car so I could get home. He at least got a laugh when I told him about the Paradise Shelduck, who, he informed me, was only faking, including the tripping over stuff bit. So I got to leave the area at least knowing how to head off on two decent length tramps for next time (and feeling like a bit of a retard at the same time). Mum, Dad and my sister found the whole story hysterical and who knows whether they will let me tramp alone again. So this is why I carry a first aid kit, emergency sleeping bag, compass, whistle and torch on each and every tramp!!! Oh, and I took a roll of film so hopefully they come out ok.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pictures of Gemma (and assorted others)

BJ, Gemma, Mummy Nikki and Chanel the horse. Gemmas second time on a horse and she was very brave. My sister Nikki was even braver really, not a keen horsewoman at all.

Gemma and her Guy Fawkes sparkler. Gemma is the ghostly blurr to the right of the sparkler. This photo turned out better than the ones with flash (yeah I know, but its a long time since I did any photography and my brain is not functioning in that capacity all that well yet).

Mummy Nikki and Gemma. Oh the flexibility!!

Gemma and Sassy Cat. Such a brave cat to allow an 'almost 2' year old anywhere near him. Please excuse the rubbish on the floor. I've been home a month and still haven't sorted out my unpacking completely.

Guy Fawkes

Well its Guy Fawkes today, however it is blowing a gale here in Waipukurau so who knows whether the fireworks display will go ahead tonight or not, probably will, can't disappoint the kidlets I guess.

I was going tramping today but since Dad is not going to be docking the lambs until Monday, we are all going to head off on one tomorrow. Its going to be the same on that we did last Sunday, as we have Gemma and my Mum coming along, and it's a bit easier to do that one than one where there are river crossings involved. Instead of turning off to Waipawa Forks Hut I will continue up the Sunrise track and see if I can get to Sunrise Hut in a decent time.

So this morning I was then going to go for a mountain bike, but now my sister wants to head into town and check out some digital cameras, and I get to tag along, so I will have to bike this afternoon, and the kayak is just getting totally left out. Maybe I will go for a kayak on Monday, since that is my rest day and I don't have any other plans. Who says Im not flexible!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

My neice had her first ride today

Well my 'almost 2' year old neice had a ride on one of my horses today, and shes not a small horse especially when you are a tiny tot. Chanel (my mare) behaved extremely well as I first led my sister around the pen once, and then Gemma hopped on with my sister and they got led around about 4 times. I took a couple of pics as Dad held Chanel so hopefully I will use up the rest of the film over the weekend, get them developed, and download one for all to see (if they turn out that is).

Emailed ex-husband re:selling Paparoa property. It seems that the Japanese couple have no english so its taking a bit longer than expected, and they are going to take another look at it on Monday, so we are playing the waiting game, and Im cool with that.

Spent the rest of the day reading, eating, and had a nap - joyous!!

Bird shit on washing must be a bad sign

Waited impatiently all day yesterday to hear back from Agriquality. Went and got my washing in to find the two pieces that I wanted the most had been shat on from above. No doubt it was the cat tormenting swallows. A sign to be sure. 4.30pm the phone finally rings, oh about the job that you were supposed to fly to tomorrow, well its changed, you now fly on the 13th and its for one week only, sorry. Not as sorry as me I can guarantee. Should have taken the FruitFed job, buggery buggery bugga!! Oh well, at least I can tramp tomorrow, bike and maybe kayak on Sunday, and I can hang with my neice for a bit longer and take her for a horse ride if the weather holds out today.

Still haven't had word from the Japanese who were supposed to be buying our place, so I guess they changed their minds ... haven't found the upside of that one yet.

Yay!!! Last run for the week today. It went ok. My left ankle decided to give me trouble so I stopped to flex and circle it. A lovely gentleman stopped to check that I was ok so I said 'yes thankyou, it should be fine' and he said 'yeah, run through the pain barrier' so I did :-) Wasn't so much the pain barrier it was more the worry that it would collapse and I would be a foolish heap on the road, but all was well and I made it back in one piece.

And now Im back to job hunting *sigh* Thank heavens Ma n Pa can help me out financially till Im back on my feet (even though I feel such a loser for relying on them when Im 34, thats THIRTY FOUR gosh darn it). Mum said this morning that they could lend me as much as I needed, so I asked for $20k so I could get a new bike, kayak, and car. I think she said 'like hell we will' ;-)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Runners diarrhoea

Yes it does exist, and thanks to a nice big family discussion about it this morning, they now know it exists now too. I had no trouble on todays run though (probably cause I went to the loo 4 times before I left) so I think Ive worked out how to control it a lot better, which would be to not head out until Ive been up half an hour or so. Mind you I was up for 1.5hours this morning before heading out due to Gemma (neice) being up and milling around the place calling 'cat!' each time she saw one of them and 'more!' when I was bouncing her on the bed. Fortunately she is not overly loud and she tries to be calm around the cats, but sometimes she can't help herself and runs along after them. She does that with the dogs too, which is a wee bit of a problem as my staffy. Docs, although 10 years old and never bitten anyone, is not to be trusted that much. Even the farmdog Tigger gets watched closely, and he's a giant sooky sweetheart. However dogs being dogs you never know when they might object to something.

My run was a bit tough this morning, I was keen to get out and really enjoyed the walking parts, but the jogging bit was tough. I couldn't quite get any power up for the last stretch home, though I did try and stride it out, it just didn't work to well. At the turnaround point I was going strong though (ok so its downhill) unlike yesterday where I was stuffed at that point, but Im glad I turned around as I was buggered by the finish.

Fingers crossed that I hear from both my 'job' (don't take it away from me before I even start), and the real estate agent today. Patience, patience, patience.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Damn neighbours and their dumb fox terriers

Neighbours fecking fox terrier just attempted to kill one of my cats, god damn dog, I hate fox terriers. Mum ran out of the house screaming at the little bastard to leave the cat alone and the mutt just plain ignored her. Thankfully Dad had forgotten to shut the garrage door, and the garrage is full to overflowing with my crap, so my cat managed to get away and up seriously high. Took a while for the dumb mutt to realise that she was being yelled at to feck off home, shes not welcome here any more. Stupid dumb neighbours who dont fence their stupid dumb dog in. Partially my families fault for usually being nice to the 'poor dog' who gets quite lonely at home, being there all day with no one to play with or talk to. However this does not excuse chasing and attacking an innocent cat. Now my other cat is yeowling to get outside but Im just not risking it in the dark, especially since he's black and I'll never find him if I need to. Biggest problem is that the cats have only been here 2 months (attacked cat) and 1 month (black cat) so neither of them are really settled in just yet.

Damn stupid fox terriers!!! I hate em!!!

The neice is coming, wheres my fax?!?

Struggled to get up for my run this morning, but I did it. It was a bit cold and I was feeling a bit 'can't be bothered' but I got out there and managed to last the entire distance due to a severe stubborn streak in my nature. Usually when I transition from walk to jog I hate it but it went pretty smoothly today, which was great. And I tried to power along at the end too, I tend to shuffle run rather than stride out so I try to consciously stride out at times, it was good and I was stuffed.

I then showered, breakied, and ventured into town to drop off my bank account details to my new, temporary employer. Actually I have not even heard word from head office yet that I am employed, let alone where it is exactly that they are posting me, so I hope it all works out ok as their basket has a lot of my eggs.

Also waiting, waiting, waiting for a fax. A couple were supposed to be interested in my property up north and today they should be faxing through their offer, oh I hope they have not changed their minds, I really need the place to be sold. Oh well, life shall work things out at its own pace I guess - which is never at the pace I want it to!! *mumble, grumble, whinge, complain*

'The horse lover is a symbol of how a little impatience can ruin great plans' .... yeah yeah I know

And my sister is coming today with my 'almost 2' year old neice. A bubble of trouble if ever there was one, wears me out plain and simple. Ive got her a moonhopper for her birthday so, if shes big enough for it, that should wear her out a bit.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mind realignment

Was a bit nervous about my run this morning, after having 3 days off. Well they weren't off exactly as Sat I mountain biked and Sun I tramped, Mon was rest day though (does shopping count??). I wasn't sure how I was going to handle getting back into running, since Ive only been running for 1 week now, but all was fine. Aside from having to stop for a pee, which is a lot better to the #2's alternative (never talked about but does happen - google it and you too will learn) my run went rather well. Basically I powerwalk warmup for around 1.5km, then jog for 6km (2km up hill, 2km down hill, and 2km flat), then powerwalk cooldown for the 1.5km again. I found out at the start of my exercise that I was concentrating on 'why have I not lost any weight?' aspect so I had to switch my mindframe to 'training for the Kaweka Challenge'. In the past my 'lose weight' or 'get fit' goals have achieved exactly NOTHING which is why I have changed goal focus to be completeing the challenge. Once I got my mind sorted I enjoyed my run a lot more, as much as I can enjoy running that is. And I was in my new running singlet and mens volleyball shorts. You just can't find decent womens shorts at a decent price anywhere. The singlet is a little on the small side so my fat little belly kept poking its wobbley self out between my singlet and shorts. Im so glad I live rurally where the majority of witnesses to such a sight are sheep, cattle and horses.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Beech Tree - Ruahine Ranges

One of those trees where you get a bit of vertigo as you look towards its canopy - fabulous!!

Stream on the Waipawa Forks Hut track

One of the two small streams I crossed on my tramp yesterday.

Temp work in South Island

So today I got to drive the 40 odd kms to Hastings to meet up with the Agriquality guy (nice guy so far to) to sort out my temp work with them. One would think that having left Auckland in order to be closer, and thus more useful, to my family I would have been able to find a job here in 'The Bay' but noooooo, Im now heading down to the South Island to help out with Didymo (Rock Snot) public awareness. Im using the term South Island because at this stage I dont know exactly where thats going to be - Nelson, Central Otago, or Southland. Im hoping Southland or Central Otago so I just know its going to be Nelson. I dont have a problem with Nelson, I just feel more attracted to the other areas.

Since I was in town I bought some socks, running singlets, shorts, dvds, and got my film from yesterdays 'mini tramp' developed. Twas a great tramp despite the constant drizzle and I was surprised at my fitness level after two weeks of training. Imagine how great my progress would be if I could cut out eating so much chocolate. Some good piccys on the film too, despite my camera getting all fogged up. I have to scan them now - no I have not gone digital yet, waiting for my share of a house in Northland to sell so I get some $$$ to buy some toys.

And today is my rest day so no training to be done thus I shall read a book instead. And its raining off and on so the horses are not going to get ridden either. They have already had about 3 days off so when the time comes to hop on its gonna be a fun ride, neither of them are exactly 'sane'. And since Im heading down south on Friday is there really any point to riding them before then, looks like they are going to have at least a months holiday as it is. Oh decisions, decisions