"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I can not believe how bored I have been over the last two days. I think it may be stress induced. Does that make sense? Anyway, yesterday to combat the boredom I went for a drive in the car for a couple of hours. It was good. Did not see any properties for sale that I wanted to buy but, since it appears the sale of the property up north is not going to go through, its going to be a long time before I have any cash to purchase anyway.

Never heard back about the job I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago either. In customer services. Yeah. Great customer services people. I believe I left to the words of 'we will definitely call you mid-week regarding the job'. WHATEVA!!!! I'm a bit pissed off about it as it would have been a job I both enjoyed and was good at. I SO NEED A JOB!!! I might ring the meat works tomorrow and see if they have any lab jobs. Now I'm getting desperate, and I probably can not get one of those either.

Mum, Dad and I went and checked out a 28acre property today. I didn't like it. Couldn't really describe why, I just didn't. Hated the house!!! And the neighbours did not look overly tidy ... I don't like untidy land. I'm happy to buy and tidy up land, but to have neighbours with untidy land I'm not keen on since I can't do anything about it. But it just didn't feel right anyway.

I have done no fitness over this weekend. Shocking!!! I'm taking the next week off walking/running to try and fix my leg but shall get out swimming and biking.

My darling horses have been angels. Shifted them yesterday and finally got off of my lazy ass and rode them both days. Both behaving swell. Off to write some lists in an attempt to fix my life once again - not that its seriously bad, just not heading in a direction that I feel it should be. I'm so over having a holiday!!!

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