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Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm not the biggest idiot in the Ruahines

I'm pleased to say that my adventures yesterday were overshaddowed by the fact that 4 people ended up overnighting in the Ruahines last night after getting lost on the way to Triplex Car Park. I didn't get that lost, yay for me!!!! One of the 4 had to get choppered out as they suffered hypothermia.n uhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhll;;, That was a contribution from my neice Gemma. Anyway, I wouldn't have had a problem even if I was lost as I tramp with an emergency sleeping bag ... oh Im so self riteous, oh crap, I can't even spell it.

Today I went for a tiny, slow, 30 minute bike with my sister and the bub. It included going into Lindsay Bush (ooooops no cycles allowed) but being a Monday there were no other people, and its a wide easy track so no bike skids or anything. That basically means that I have had 2 rest days this week, which is not good!!! Tomorrow I shall resume running and I will stretch the distance out by 1km if I can. Plus I ate and ate and ate this afternoon and I don't know why.

I did manage to get off my ass long enough to ride Magic, and then dragged my sister out so Gemma could have a ride on Chanel.

Ate a cheesey dinner. And now waiting for pancakes ... oh what a bad day!!!

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