"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

General gobble-de-gook and goals for 29 May 2008 to 04 June 2008

I am so much happier now my house is tidy. Sure there is still the odd pocket that needs a spruce up, but it is 1000 million times better! Im a happy chappy thats for sure. Now the cleaning of the house, and tidying of the garden needs to happen.

Had a quick lunch with Rae today. It was good. We had kebabs. Rae is all good. Busy at work and stuff, just got back from Cains, and is off to Melbourne in a fortnight. Lucky for some!

Health and fitness is going well. Managed to run x 3, but only one cycle. I'm feeling good though, and eating fairly well, so thats good. No weight loss as yet, might have gained 1kg, but it is 'that time of the month' now so I usually gain a kg or 2 so I'm hoping thats it.

So goals for 29 May 2008 to 04 June 2008

5km run x 3
20km or 1hr indoor bike trainer x 2
Wash face x 2
Blowdry hair and make-up for work and going out
Vitamins every day

Work out exact debt total
Budget for 11 June 2008

Fonterra website
Agriquality website
Search agri-science websites/companies in Taranaki
Taranaki jobs
Be positive, happy and helpful in current job

Group email everyone on Hotmail and Xtra
Update blogs at least once, with photos
Bebo, Myspace and Facebook at least once
Take divorce papers into courthouse

Box up books for sale
Tidy up ringbinders and photo albums

Did I achieve ANY of my goals .... lets see

5km jog x 3 Pass! Hooray!
20km bike x 2, or indoor trainer for 1hr Fail! Boo! I only did 1 session
1hr kayak x 1 Fail! Too wet and too poor (50km drive to river)
Wash face x 2 a day (simple for most I know, but I only indulge once a day at present!) Pass!
Vitamins every day Fail! Forgot about this one
Blowdry hair and makeup for work days Pass!!! Hooray

Budget for next 2 pays (4 weeks) Pass!! Wasn't that hard
Write down exact debt total Fail! Totally forgot

Research Agriculture ITO as mentioned by Naki Boy Pass! I applied and everything
Fonterra job site Pass! Checking it regularly
Research other dairy/science industries in the area Pass! I found Zelam & applied for job there
Be positive, happy and friendly at current job Pass! My attitude is a lot better but can still improve

Keep blogs updated at least weekly Pass! Need to take more photos though
Meet with Rae for lunch Pass! Had lunch today with Rae
Email friends, Bebo, Facebook, Myspace Pass! Checking all 3 regularly

Additionally I forgot to include House and Garden. I didn't set any goals but I got my entire house tidied up, as evidenced by my previous post so PASS!!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Before and afters of inside house

Today was about day 6 of rain, and that means it rained for everyday off my 4 days off. Thus today I finally got off my ass and tidied my house. Here are the before and after shots. Hopefully I shall now keep my house this way as it will be far more relaxing and far less stressful. I might even start CLEANING since I no longer have to do much tidying!

My lounge, by far the toughest area, and still needs a lot of work, but its a start. I have a lot of sports equipement that I need to find room for, including my horse gear. See the saddles on the couch, bike in full view obviously, and the boxes stacked behind the computer from the dining room.

My dining area, not that I ever dine here, except for breakfast. My sports equipment used to be stacked behind the table under the window. Its now stacked in the lounge, behind the computer under the window ... lol

My bedroom. Where oh where did I get all of my caps from? Im not so sure about the crochet rug, but my nana made it for me so its ok where it is for now. Probably can not tell too much difference but I did pick up a little and tidied the tops of my dressers.

The spare bedroom, the easiest to be done as I only had to put the duvet onto the 'naked bed' that I just hadn't gotten around to doing since my last house guest.

Friday, May 23, 2008

What is my problem?

Man sometimes, actually most times, I am my own worst enemy.

My folks just popped in, and gave me a hell of a fright. At which point I became the most ungracious host. Why the hell do I do that? They ended up staying under a minute! For goodness sake, I can be such a loser.

Part of it is due to the fact that I am not proud of my house, at all. The garden is overgrown, the place is a mess, I am just permanently embarrassed! Obviously not embarrassed enough to do something about it. Oh sure I make half hearted attempts. I often use the excuses that I work hard during the week, I need a bit of couch 'time out', I'm tired, I don't feel so well, I'll do it tomorrow, you know the ones. I have made a bit of headway today, tidied the dining table and kitchen bench, sorted out my personal papers and burning the ones that are extremely old, still there is plenty more to do.

Another part of it is that I am not so keen on surprises, I liked things to be planned, I'm really not a spontaneous person, and when things take me by surprise I get defensive and just plain rude! Why is that? I need to loosen up, thats for sure. The messy house does not help as I am just plain embarrassed by it, and my appearance too.

Anyway I have baked some Anzac biscuits to take to my parents as a peace offering, with a healthy serving of 'I'm sorry for being such a jerk' pie.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Before pictures

So I decided to take 2 before photos of myself. I think I should print them out and stick them over my entire house as what I really want for tea is fish n chips and coke, but I won't. Its only day 1 and Im already waivering. Dear oh dear.


Health, Fitness and Beauty

The before pictures

My weight at this stage is 75kg. 10kg to lose.

I can not believe that my chin goes down to my neck on an angle like that! Well lack of chin. Lol. Then the next problem is the tummy and rolls - ewwwwwww. And my hair! What on earth can I do with that hair?

So I achieved a 5km jog this morning. Great start, but then again day 1 is easy, well thinking about starting is easy, day 1 you hopefully still have some motivation going rather than oh one more day won't hurt I'll start tomorrow. But as with everything its going to be time that will tell.

Goals for the week 22 May - 28 May

5km jog x 3
20km bike x 2, or indoor trainer for 1hr
1hr kayak x 1
Wash face x 2 a day (simple for most I know, but I only indulge once a day at present!)
Vitamins every day
Blowdry hair and makeup for work days

Budget for next 2 pays (4 weeks)
Write down exact debt total

Research Agriculture ITO as mentioned by Naki Boy
Fonterra job site
Research other dairy/science industries in the area
Be positive, happy and friendly at current job

Keep blogs updated at least weekly
Meet with Rae for lunch
Email friends, Bebo, Facebook, Myspace

Long term goals

I totally forgot to put up my long term goals last night, so here they are. Oh and I have changed 'Training' to now be Health, Fitness and Beauty. The beauty I really need to work on, Im a tomboy at heart, and my Naki Boy would prefer that I am a little bit more feminine, and when I think about it, I would like that too. So without any further ado, here are my long term goals

Lose 10kg in 10 weeks
Colour my hair when my finances allow
Get my ears pierced (if able to as I had infection problems when younger due to cheapie earrings) in 4 weeks
Have a great wardrobe of clothes when my finances allow

Visa paid off
Overdraft paid off
$10,000.00 in emergency fund

Move to Taranaki in 8 weeks
Science based job
Further study
Earning at least 45k a year

Make an effort to be more outgoing and social
Get more self confidence
Smile and relax
Be patient

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm baaaack

Seems like a long time, no blog, and it has been on this site, but I do have some from my myspace page. I might try and copy and paste them over to get some continuity of sorts. So I think I shall expand the topic of this blog to include my house (needs work), my finances and career (need work), and my training (definitley needs work). Like everyone else I have much to do and what feels like little time to do it. Being Winter at the moment time does feel short. I get up at 5.30am (dark), feed horses (about to be another seperate blog), go to work, come home, feed horses (dark), feed myself (not as well as horses), go to bed. And every other weekend I drive to Taranaki to see my Naki Boy. Hopefully the career section will soon include 'shift to Taranaki' where I shall find more time to work on my life.


I completed the Coast to Coast in February 2008. Since then I have not done a single ounce of training. I had a sore right leg that I figured would come right eventually. It didn't. So off to physio I went, thankfully ACC still covered it despite the injury occuring 2+ months ago. Now it appears to be healed and I NEED to get back out there, but its winter, and its dark, and its cold so Im procrastinating. If I blog this at least weekly I hopefully will get inspired to resume training, either that or Im going to balloon into a ginormous white marshmellow woman. I also need to remember that I love the events, its just the training I whinge about.


I bought my house nearly 1 year ago. It was not my first choice of house, or even my second or third come to think of it, but I had been searching for 2 or so years and so it felt like either now or never. Its a fairly old house, between 1900 and 1920 or something, can not remember. The exact records no longer exist thanks to the huge 1931 earthquake that makes Hawke's Bay, and moreso Napier, famous for Art Deco architecture. It is an old shepherds house and needs a major remodel, but time and money will see to that. At present it just needs a bloody good clean and tidy, and the garden definitely needs a spruce up and weed. These things I can do without money, just need to get off my lazy ass, set myself some tasks to acomplish and go from there. Oh and it is located about 250M from a railway - just reminded by a train going past. The house doesn't shake but you can hear the trains clear as day. Luckily there are not many going past these days, I like trains, and I sleep like the dead. My little cottage is on 1 acre, with 3 of my parents sheep. I graze their sheep, they graze my horses. I win ... lol. And speaking of parents, they actually own half, I COULD NOT afford this place on my own, so I owe them A LOT.


My finances need a tidy up (understatement). I have a terrible habit of buying magazines, junk food (also does not help with training) and then scraping to pay my bills, and eating at my folks or my sisters. I DO get all of my bills paid, but I DON'T have anything saved for a rainy day, or even a mildly cloudy one. My finances DO need to get sorted. I have tried this many a time, never tried to blog about it though, maybe THIS will be my saving grace rather than Naki Boy having to be it.

My career, or lack of it, is a great disappointment to me. Why have I never had a career, why have I always had jobs? I think part of it is due to the fact that I always NEED to get a job so I have money to live, of course. I also think a MAJOR part of it is that I just don't have the strength of belief in myself. I have a degree in Science, major in Conservation and Ecology. I am bright and clever and intelligent. Why am I working in, what is essentially, retail? Time to change, and this is why I am shifting to the Naki WHEN I have a career job, not just any job. Too many times have I taken the job because I needed it and then stay their because Im 'comfortable', I may be bored but I am comfortable. I want the career so I can begin to earn more money, the money I deserve, so Im not struggling with the pittance I am on, increased food and petrol prices do NOT help. Don't get me wrong, I AM grateful for the job I have, but I am capable of so much more.