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Saturday, November 26, 2005

One step forward two steps back

Went for my first bike in ages today. I thought that all of the running that I have been doing of late would have me going great guns. Came back down to Earth with a thud when I realised that, hey, actually my biking is worse than ever. I kinda got into it a bit for about the middle half, but the beginning and end was terrible. Walking my bike up stupid little hills, and I got lost, don't ask me how, I have no clue. I did bike for about 1.5hours, in the rain, and I had to get home by 1pm to shower and then head out to my cousin's kids 3rd birthday, so that didn't help matters. I really must just bite the petrol bullet and get out to the park twice a week. Irregular little bikes every now and then just won't cut it.

My cousins kids birthday was, ummmm, ok. I ended up talking to Mum, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, and Henry & Pauline (both my parents ages). Basically everyone there was either my parents age, or in their 20's, married, with children. Hmmmm I actually don't fit into either category, plus being a bit shy doesn't help. I must learn to make much more of an effort, but its just so hard!!!! I think most of them were churchy as well (ie young, married, with kids - way to generalise Micha!). Bah humbug.

Did get to see my Aunt and Uncles new house, which is pretty cool. I would love to buy their old house as it was originally my grandparents place and I absolutely adore it, but Ma n Pa say its too old and in too much disrepair, but who knows, whatever will be will be I guess. Oh yeah, gotta get a job in the area first!!!

Bah humbug - job hunt.

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