"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Friday, October 09, 2009

Feeling blerky

Well on the exercise front I have been great. I either ran or cycled for 6 days, then had one day off. Then I ran the next two days before I started feeling 'blerky'. I feel kinda nautious, sickish. Not like I'm going to be sick, just yucky. So I didn't do anything yesterday. Im still feeling a bit the same today, but I did manage to cycle for 60 mins on the indoor trainer when I was feeling not so bad. Now I know I do get a bit like this in the lead up to my period, but, now I can't remember if it lasts for longer than a day, in fact I don't even think it used to last for a day. So maybe I am pregnant. Or am I just not remembering right and I'm not pregnant, just hoping to be. Arghhhhh. Time will tell I guess. I was tempted to go out and buy a test today, but decided to save my $20 and wait a wee bit longer. Fingers and everything else crossed. And if I am preggers I have Mr Kissick to thank as he gave me a parsley plant as a thank you for some horse manure, and apparently when a woman is gifted a parsley plant she gets pregnant! YAY!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time to resume training

Well, considering it has been around 20 months since the Coast to Coast, and I have done exactly no exercise since then, I think the time is nigh to get restarted. I have been trying to work out when exactly I can get any training in, and I have figured out this. Days I work - days 1-3 I plan to work with one of the horses, so anything exercisey is out (since I work a 12 hour day, have a half hour commute each way - get to horses at 6.30pm, ride or whatever until 8.00pm, home by 8.20pm, bed by 8.30-9.00pm). On day four I will try to get out for a run after tea, from say 7.30-8.30pm. On days off I will do house work 7.00-8.00am. Help hose out etc til 9.00am, have breakie, then run, cycle or kayak from 10.00-12.00 noon (include drive time to where ever I wanna train that day). 12.00noon is lunch. 12.30 head to horses and hopefully ride all 3. Home by 5.00pm. Make dinner. Then run or cycle or kayak from 6.00-8.00 (include drive time) and then bed. I need to do most running and mountain biking in dog friendly places so I can run around the farm most days, and I think it should be ok to bike on one of the unsealed roads up the way - depends on what affect this may have on Stellas poor wee feet. I really really hope I can get started on this. Starting is so hard, especially when I now weigh 80kgs and I am totally paranoid of what other people think of me. Fingers crossed. And thank heavens for daylight savings so I do actually have a bit more time in my day!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tweedle dee

Toi toi plants, Aoere Rd, Eltham, South Taranaki

I was very good today. I actually managed to get our bedroom tidy, and it has not been tidy since I moved in 8 or 9 months ago! Shocking I know, and it's still not perfect, but it is so so so much better than it was. Aparently to be able to fit all clothes into drawers and closet one had to throw out all the clothes that for the past few years I have been say, yeah I will wear that again someday, and just haven't. I feel good about it now. Such a difference without the clutter. I do have to tidy up one dressing table though, and put half the stuff into the bathroom cabinet instead of being on the dresser. But there you go. Im rapt, I even painted my nails today in celebration.

Trent James laughing his head off at me, again!

Trent and I went for a wee drive up the road today to see if we could find the rich English ladies place with the horse arena's etc, and as there were floats and trucks heading that way we thought that we may as well. Well we thought that we found it but couldn't get all the way down as there were quite a few sheep on the road and it was going to be a slow journey so we turned around. Now I'm not so sure that we did find it as we couldn't see any floats etc parked down there, and no sign of any horses, so we may have to ask the boss again where exactly it is. I did take a few photos on the trip though. I love my lil digital camera, so much more portable than my big SLR one, but I love my big SLR for events - totally kicking myself that I left it behind at my sisters on my last visit. And I would love to have it here for a dressage comp next weekend. Oh well, serves me right I guess. Wonder how much it would cost to get it couriered over as who knows when I am next visiting, and Ma n Pa are sure taking their time about visiting us, but then again it is my dog that is holding them up with her lumps and bumps and vet visits.
Bush clad gully, so pretty!

I got a great ride on the two horses today as well. I procrastinate about heading out there, as it seems such a mission, but once I am finally up and riding all is great. I have such a great time, pity I'm so allergic. I must remember to take my tablets BEFORE heading out for a ride instead of taking them when I get home, as it's just a wee bit too late by then and I have a wee stretch of uncomfortableness until the antihistamine kicks in.
Trent with Chanelle, he loves her really!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Feeling run down

Our beloved Yoki cat got hit by a vehicle and died a couple of days ago. I'm still crying.
Farewell my beloved Yoki cat. I miss you terribly and wish you could have been with us for longer. Will love you always.

I have been feeling very run down of late. Well its hard to say really. I have good days, and then I have not so good days. Days where I just feel flat, or a bit sick, or blah, and up and down days. I have had this nagging cough for ages now too. Comes and goes as well. Getting a wee bit sick of it all, and I just want to feel good, normal, great. So what is the problem? Allergy to the horses? I think that may be part of it. Reflux? Well thats what the doc said, which leads onto diet. Diet? Yep I unfortunately think that diet may be the key. I eat way too much chocolate, like a bar a day or so. Drink way too much fizz, like maybe 600mL a day or less. And lately we have not been eating very well for tea at all. Hardly any veges, and I don't eat a heck of a lot of fruit, if any. So diet is going to have to change, again! What is the key to sticking with it, that is my problem. I can start eating well, and feeling well, and then I will stop and wonder why I'm not feeling so great again. Don't seem to learn from my diet mistakes that easily. Another key indicator that it is mostly diet is that my skin is shocking. Zitty, and just generally unhealthy looking. I think I need to do a few labels up with the simple word DIET on it and really focus on what it is I am eating. Even if I continue to eat a few chocolates and drink a few fizzys, as long as I up the veges and water I can only get better. Sounds simple ah! Previous behaviours indicate that this is not so.
Stella looking a bit 'Ewok' like. She did manage to 'sit' and 'stay' for once though.
Tonight Trent has gone to Wanganui to race 'The Slug'. I wasn't feeling particularly well today and decided at about 4pm, after an afternoon nap, that I wouldn't go. It worked out well as it meant that I could finish washing out the milking shed etc so Trent could get out of here, otherwise he would have been really late. I wish I had gone to see him, but then again I am glad that I didn't because I think the drive would make me feel worse. Its a swing day today. Feel ok one minute then just plain blah the next. I have had a heap of veges for tea, silverbeet, tomatoes and carrots, plus a small steak, so that is a good start on my journey to healthy eating.

Trent hosing out the other day, with a lil' black Stella dog in the background.

Only other thing that we did today was go and watch a Kaponga v Coastal rugby game. Trent thinks he might play again this year, which is great as I always did want me a rugby player.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Herd pregnancy testing, and more

The vets 3 cutie patootie dogs

We had to pregnancy test the herd this morning. Was quite good. Started at 9am, and was all finished by 11am, including shed clean up etc. The vet had 3 cute dogs, as evidenced by the photo. Trent wouldn't let me have one though. Such a meanie. We have 13% empty, which is way up on the 5% last year so Trent is a little disappointed. However it seems to be about the average for the season, so its not too bad.

Trent rolling his sleeves up, about to get dirty

After PTing we then had a quick wash and heading into Hawera to get some groceries, and I got lunch too, for being such a great helper. Pity I was not aware I was getting a cafe lunch because I had two pieces of slice and a marshmellow easter egg before going to town and so was pretty full already. I still ordered Chicken Fettachine (sp?) and ate half of it. Trent ate a quarter, so we didn't leave too much behind. Supermarket shopping. Yeah yeah. No exciting tales there.

The vet and Trent testing the cows

I also went to Paper Plus, my favourite store. Ok one of my favourite stores. I got 20 L shaped folders, well you know the ones, joined on two sides only so you can slip papers into them. I also got a box of envelopes, and a NZ House and Garden magazine, which Trent didn't spot until he saw me reading it while he went into the bank. Considering he slipped in a couple of packets of marshmellow eggs into the trolley at the supermarket, alls fair in love and spending.

Crazy Trent and the upside down dog Stella

I also rode my horses, see my other blog for details ... lol. And now I'm cooking tea and waiting for Trent to return so we can eat it. Unfortunately I have had a major pigout on the roast lamb already ... oooops

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All alone

for a few hours tonight anyway ... yay! I do so love me some alone time.

Yoki playing under the local rag

Today is day 2 off. Yesterday I had another interview with the South Taranaki District Council. It is for a job at the contact centre, which is mostly phonecalls, with one day out of every six on the front counter. It looked quite fun when I was there yesterday, scarey too as there is quite a system to work out, plus over 170 staff (I think) to know who to transfer calls to. If I get it good, as then I will be, once again, a regular Mon to Fri worker. If I don't, well the job hunt continues. And there are not that many jobs around at the moment. Luckily if I do get stuck we can survive on Trent's income, at least for a while. I will have to curb my spending though.

Stella watching hawks fly, and wondering how to catch them

I had a great ride on the horses today. I had an absolute ball. I am going to attempt to do the winter dressage series at Stratford, provided I get the horses all trained up, and I can get some transport. I think I will pop onto Trade-me after this and see if there are any floats for sale at the moment. Of course, I can't actually afford one at the moment, but at least I can get some kind of focus towards one.

Trent and Rog spraying the drains so they don't get blocked

Which actually reminds me that I had better get onto my bank accounts and swap some money around before I spend it. Plus pay a bit more off to Ma n Pa.

Tomorrow we are off to see the heffiers, and Trents sisters family, and to the scrapbook shop in Inglewood, that Trent doesn't want to go to, and says we aren't going to, but I know he will let me go to! He's just cheeky like that.

Friday we have to pregnancy test the herd, and I better go to the supermarket and top up lots of stuff, before resuming work on Saturday. Never ending circle of life ah!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Owning a dog is awesome because

I would not have gone for 1 walk, let alone 2 walks today, the weather was awful. However, because of the dog I got all dressed up in my wet weather garb, twice, and braved the wet and windy day. Thanks Stella dog!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A walk we did ages ago up Mt Egmont/Taranaki

Last night we had T's sister and bro in law, plus the kidlets over for tea. I did a giant roast pork, with carrots, potatoes and corn on the cob all from our garden, and peas, pumpkin and kumara from the store. I also made a blackberry and apple crumble for dessert. The blackberries came from some bushes at the back of the farm that missed out on being sprayed this year. I plan to use them a lot as no doubt they will not be there again next year - being a noxious weed they need to be sprayed out, but they are oh so yummy.

The kidlets were fun as per usual. Full on screaming at times, but generally good fun. C wanted to do a puzzle that we had, G and J had great fun hammering down some pegs, and playing with the cat and dog balls that were lying around the house. Actually since Stella is an outside dog someone must have bought her balls inside! Then we attempted to have a game of Hairy McLeary, however you are supposed to play by C's madeup rules, and it wasn't all that fun, but hey, she's four, whadda ya gonna do? Unfortunately the game had a dice and throw-cup, which proceeded to get fought over for the remainder of the night!

Today T and I zoomed into NP so I could get some interview clothes for tomorrow. I spent way too much money, and ended up buying $100 worth of bra's and knickers as well. I got one pair of dress pants, which look pretty good, and 4 shirts. 1 shirt I really like a lot and will be suitable for going out to dinner with the voucher T got from the farm owner for Christmas - YAY! I shall look forward to going out for dinner now I actually have something nice to wear.

After spending copious amounts on clothes we cruised home, where I watched the end of Oprah, and then cruised into Hawera to have a quick rece of the Library before tomorrows interview. I haven't been nervous up until now, but now I'm feeling a few butterflies. I really hope it goes well tomorrow as I feel like it could be the start of a career for me, finally. I can see where it could go. Library assistant, to librarian, to managing a section, to managing the whole library. I do need to get the job first though!

Only other thing I did today was hopefully de-flea the cat. There is a huge outbreak of fleas, apparently, at the moment, and our wee Yoki has not gone unscathed. Damn awful things. I wonder what a fleas purpose in life is? I mean like flies help dead animals break down by laying their eggs, which turn into maggots and help the body decompose, so what is the purpose of the flea?

Yoki having a wee sleep in the sun, not today, there was not much sun today

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Motor racing in the background

It's been 7 months since I moved to Eltham and began living with the Naki boy, and I am finally beginning to get settled in and feel in control of my life. Over the last month we have rescued 1 kitten, named Yoko, and 1 dog, named Stella. Yoko was discovered in the house paddock, right next to a giant cow pat, yowling her head off - hence the name Yoko (Ono). The yowling was a result of her being pretty much blinded by cat flu, her eyes were pussed shut, it was oooky. She is all good now though, as the picture below shows.

Yoko, 'I'm so cute'

Stella was in the local paper as one of two dogs about to be put to sleep. I originally went to get the other dog as he was a huntaway type and would have been great for the farm. I just missed him however, yet poor wee Stella was still there. A quick phonecall to Trent, with a large amount of badgering, meant that I came home with a Black Lab X Kelpie who has more energy than the energiser bunny!

Stella. Don't I just look like I could run all day!

My job at Fonterra is ok. I really enjoy the people that I work with, but the work itself is not as much as I thought it would be. Some days I have been finished by lunch, which then means I have 6 hours to kill in the afternoon. This is very, very hard as there is nothing to kill it with, unless I want to wash windows or some other such task, which I don't. No offence, but I am not employed as a cleaner. I do all the dishes, and wipe down my bench, and clean out the fume cupboard that I use, I have no problem with that, but too much else, yeah, Nah! I have gotten better at spreading my work out over the day, but I am dreading winter as they other staff members tell me it is pretty much dead!

Because of this I have been job hunting again. Not only because there is not much work to keep me occupied, but also because my contract runs out in August and there has been no mention of either extending my contract, or taking me on permanently. So I have an interview on Wednesday with the South Taranaki District Council for a position as a library assistant. I am heading into this job proposition with the idea that I am going to really strive to get somewhere. Beginning as an assistant, moving onto a qualified librarian, and then managing a section of the library, then onto library management. I think this is actually a job that I could see myself doing long term. I have to get the job first of course, so I am very, very hopeful that I will. Time will tell, hopefully not too much time after the interview on Wednesday that is!

T in 'The Tank' - thank heavens he has a fun hobby!

Relationship is going very well. We haven't even had a fight yet! And thats in almost a year and a half! I get the odd sulks of course, and he has his moments, but we have not had a screaming, arguing row at all. Very impressive for me! Maybe I'm growing up. Nahh that will never happen. So I am very happy at this stage in my life. I did have a couple of weeks, maybe a month, of feeling really down, and tired, and blue, but I seem to have popped out of that now. Not sure if I have worked myself out of it or whether it is just cyclical, I guess time will tell. I think that I worked out that the key for me was that by watching too much TV to escape the reality of my life, meant that I was not working on aspects of my life that would make me happy with my life, if that makes sense.

Time to head out and walk the dog!