"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hi ho hi ho maybe to work I go

Tomorrow at 8am I am heading off to a local farmer's dairy farm to see if he wants to hire me as a relief milker. Considering I have never milked anything in my entire life he's taking a bit of a gamble, but heres hoping it pays off. This could be the job I've always wanted but never knew about. Awww heck I just don't know. Of course this also solves the problem of 'wanting to 'marry' a farmer', I may as well just be one myself. Hopefully will have news regarding this tomorrow. At this stage it will be only 25 hours a week and we can review it after 1 month, in case I hate it, or am just not suited. Of course Im scared, I always am regarding something new, but it could be good - I sure hope so.

Sister, Gareth and neice are visiting at the moment. All is well. Gemma, Nikki and Gareth all had a ride on Chanel, so that was cool.

Finished Christmas shopping today. Got my Dad's golf balls for his birthday, which were the last things that I had to get, and actually the first things I needed since his birthday is the 22nd. I also got myself two t.shirts. I'm so outta control with the credit card - I need both a job and for the house to sell.

Perhaps life is picking up (touching wood). I do need perspective though as my life, on the grand scheme of things, is never ever really all THAT bad.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I can not believe how bored I have been over the last two days. I think it may be stress induced. Does that make sense? Anyway, yesterday to combat the boredom I went for a drive in the car for a couple of hours. It was good. Did not see any properties for sale that I wanted to buy but, since it appears the sale of the property up north is not going to go through, its going to be a long time before I have any cash to purchase anyway.

Never heard back about the job I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago either. In customer services. Yeah. Great customer services people. I believe I left to the words of 'we will definitely call you mid-week regarding the job'. WHATEVA!!!! I'm a bit pissed off about it as it would have been a job I both enjoyed and was good at. I SO NEED A JOB!!! I might ring the meat works tomorrow and see if they have any lab jobs. Now I'm getting desperate, and I probably can not get one of those either.

Mum, Dad and I went and checked out a 28acre property today. I didn't like it. Couldn't really describe why, I just didn't. Hated the house!!! And the neighbours did not look overly tidy ... I don't like untidy land. I'm happy to buy and tidy up land, but to have neighbours with untidy land I'm not keen on since I can't do anything about it. But it just didn't feel right anyway.

I have done no fitness over this weekend. Shocking!!! I'm taking the next week off walking/running to try and fix my leg but shall get out swimming and biking.

My darling horses have been angels. Shifted them yesterday and finally got off of my lazy ass and rode them both days. Both behaving swell. Off to write some lists in an attempt to fix my life once again - not that its seriously bad, just not heading in a direction that I feel it should be. I'm so over having a holiday!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Joy is having two new tyres

I still have a damn sore leg, damn, damn, damn!!! Didn't even powerwalk today - arghhhhhhhh. I did walk to town and finish off my Christmas shopping, and posted almost all of my Christmas cards. I bought my sis and her partner a photo album (black page jobby not plastic slip in) and some photo splits and two pens that will write on black paper quite nicely. I also bought my cousins kid some stickers - just to slip in with the Chrissy card. Tried to get Dads 'Nike' golf balls but the local sports shop doesn't have them so I need to try again - these are actually his birthday gift, but at this time of year its all the same!!!

I then sat at home and read a book and waited til Ma n Pa came home with my new tyres that are now on my car - vrooom vrooom. So I took the car for a spin, Docs jumped in so it turned out that I headed down to the river for a bit of fun (and a swim for her as it was ROASTING here today) and I took her through the bush of course. I then came home, dropped off the dog, headed into town to get some ice-cream and some ice-blocks (I repeat it was ROASTING here), and that was my day. Sweet and simple!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Changed my tyre but my spare was flat

And so the story goes. Had a wonderful swim in the morning. There was a bus outside the pool that could only mean one thing .... SCHOOL KIDS .... ARGHHHHHH. But it wasnt so bad, they were kayaking so only 3 in the pool at once, and such quiet, well behaved kids. Don't know what school they were from but MAN awesome kids. I swam 1250M - go me!!! 1050 freestyle, 100 'breast stroke' and 100 backstroke. Twas brilliant.

Walked home and met Dad by the railway lines. He stopped and told me I had a flat. BUGGA. Got home and had an early lunch. Changed my tyre. My spare was flat. I actually think its rotten - ugh. Dilemma - do I fork out good $$$ to fix the tyres (I think I need new tyres not just repairs) when the car is bound to be junked hopefully in a few weeks. Oh it may be best, at least that way I still have some transport. Because of the flats I didn't get to go bike!! Rats.

I did go to town and christmas shop. Got my ex-husband a book, and my neice (ex??) a book and a memo/photo holder magnet thing. Got my mum a bum-bag bottle holder thing for walking, and a pedometer (for her b'day - I forgot that I actually get her a magazine sub for her b'day so I might check with sis if she wants to buy it for her). Got dad a sudoku thingy for Chrissy, getting him Nike golf balls for his b'day (thats what he wants). And got my bubba neice a champions t-shirt, a giraffe fridge magnet (she loves magnets) and a soft dog (half price - hehehe). Oh and I got an Edna calendar for the parents (and one for me) and a bum-bag bottle holder for me too. So just gotta work out what to get the Sis and G and Im done, oh aside from the whole Chrissy card mail-out thing. I had such FUN today.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Still not running

Headed out for my run this morning like a good girl. Walked the first 1km or so then attempted to kick it up into my run. No go. My leg hurt. I jogged about 500M but it didn't get any better so I just power walked this morning. Its a pain that I could jog through for the Kaweka Challenge, but when Im just training I figure Im better to take it a bit easier.

Proceeded to sit on my ass the rest of the day, read a book, searched for jobs (applied for one on a spur of the moment - not hoping for too much), played online, even watched Dr Phil ... ooops.

Got my fingers crossed that the house sale goes through next week, not holding my breath until the funds are in my account though - actually I won't hold my breath then either ... perhaps the 'not counting my chickens' saying comes into play more accurately.

Wooo hoooo swim and bike day tomorrow ... yeah!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Life is a revolving door, it spits one out then grabs one more

Went for a swim this morning. I managed to swim 550M freestyle, 100M breast-stroke (in Micha fashion that is) and 100M backstroke. Of course Im having a breather every 50-100M but Im getting there. Loving swimming though, loving it!!!! I could have bobbed around in that pool allllll day.

Went for a bike this arvo. Twas great. Im so unfit though, its starting to get to me. I should be relatively fit by now but, no, Im puffing away like a steam train GOD DAMN IT!!!! Less than 3 months til Kaweka Challenge ... ARGHHHHH ... surely I can cope with a 28km mountain 'run'. Speaking of which I shall attempt to find out how far my tramps have been to give me some idea of my 'speed'. If its what I think it is I have a TONNE of work to do.

House sale ... yeah whateva ... f*$% I hope it all works out, I really really really do.
Job .... see same as house sale
Found houses I want to buy, out of my league of course ... must win lotto (is that now a recurring theme????)

Fire siren just went off in Waipuk!!! OOoooh the excitement

Ordered my neice some lego with my flybuys points .... I finally had enough points to get something, Im so stoked!!!

Time and date 7.03pm 06 Dec 2005 Oh feck, just found me time and date bar .... BLONDE

Its about time the world was on New Zealand time, really!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Och me aching feet

Went for a 6hr tramp today. Attempted once again to go to Gold Creek Hut. Found Gold Creek. Found the start of the track. Got about 10M where-by the track ran out. Hopped over the fence and attempted to head up the farmers paddock instead of bush bashing, but no good. Very steep and quite loose shingle plus spikey shrubs, so I stopped, had a bite to eat, took some pics, hiked back to the bottom, then headed off and hiked Yeomans Track instead. Next time I attempt Gold Creek Hut I shall approach it via the creek and come back via the ridge track (hopefully). I decided better to feel a prat and 'give-up' rather than be a prat and get lost or injured.

Tired now

Time and date 07.10pm 3 Dec 2005

Bed time

Didn't run this morning, power walked instead. Farmer in red ute stopped and said 'not running up the hill today?' and I had to say, nah - got a sore leg - which I do but it just makes me sound like such a wuss. Ahhh well.

Didn't achieve much at all today actually. Shifted the horses, who then tore around like lunatics. Went with Dad to the 'old' place and picked up the timber and a trough that he had left behind. It is such a beautiful area out there *sigh* Oh well, its sold and gone now, plus Dad can't farm forever.

Cooked dinner and watched Point Break, then came on the computer. Bahhh what a waste of a day!! Ive been nothing short of pathetic since returning from Westport, what the heck is my problem!!???!!

Time and date 09.51pm 02 Dec 2005

Thursday, December 01, 2005


So got up, well, can't actually remember the time now, had to muck around for a long time before heading down to the pool. Managed to swim 500M total this time so I did a lot better than Tuesday. Cute farm-boy went through to the gym again, I was making obvious pointing gestures to my sister, who finally saw him. Cute farm-boy smiled at me, only because I was with 2 year old neice in the pool and chucking her around a bit - felt like screaming 'shes my neice, Im single' - but hey, chances are he's just outta high school, and judging by his looks he's way outta my league anyway - sure a nice peice of eye candy though!!

So swam my 500M (in 50M bursts) and then we went into town. Got new brake pads for bike, and picked up a DVD at the same time .... oooops!!! Watched it tonight, its 2 DVD's and the second 'bonus extra' is actually better than 'real one' ... Im not that keen on the sound track on disk 1, but hey I might come to like it. Of course after The Collective, Im kinda spoiled when it comes to MTB DVD. The shop guy mentioned that The Collective are bringing out another one in Feb so, yeah, I want it. Might build myself a wee jump tomorrow and really get into it even more, at least build up my confidence.

Kathmandu are having a sale so I bought myself a new sleeping bag 60% off!!!! And a sleeping bag liner, and 2 waterproof emergency ponchos (one for Dad since I used his last weekend), and the neice got a fleece vest. Entered the draw to win $500.00 of stuff - yeah!!! Sister almost talked me into getting a cheap tent as well, but I think I will wait and get a slightly more decent one.

Ate too much junk ... awww crap!

Time and date: 09.54pm 01 Dec 2005