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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Snow. Snow?? SNOW!!!

So it took me a while to get my lazy ass outta bed this morning, but I did eventually. Dressed myself, packed my daypack, had some toast and then said 'bye' to Ma n Pa. 20 minutes later I actually made it out the door, got some gas, and headed out to Sunrise Track to head up to Sunrise Hut. 3 nice folks in the carpark when I got there, they had just come down after spending the night up there. I think the bloke was a bit worried about me. Told me it was snowing, to which I said 'cool'. He checked I had warm gear, I told him I had an entire emergency kit, I'd be right, and hey, its practically a footpath up there anyway. Ahhh yes, but people have gotten lost up there despite that. Really??!! Yes, apparently so. He also informed me that there was a group of around 12 14-15 year old boys headed in for a 5 day tramp and no doubt I'd pass them. And I did :-) GO ME!!!!

So the signs say it will take around 2.5-3 hours to get to Sunrise Hut. I plan on doing it in 2, and manage to do it in 1hr 40min. I did only have a day pack on though. Must admit I got a nice surprise when I did see the hut - well its more a lodge than a hut these days. And it was cold and snowing up top, oh so pretty. Raining and cloudy the rest of the way. I was a bit damp (need a decent jacket) and cold (need better gloves) so only hung around the hut for 15 minutes to have a muesli bar and a mini crunchie and a bathroom break. Took a few snaps - 36 exposure film, less 4 snaps, gonna be a while before I see these ones. Put on my wet, cold gloves, and headed back to the carpark - 4-5km, approx 2 hours said the sign. Got below the snow line and met the young fellas on their way up. They were doing well, only about 20 minutes behind me and they had full packs for 5 days on, maybe being passed by an old girl inspired them somewhat. Then I decided to jog the rest of the way - I am in training after all. So I made it back to the carpark in an hour (I did walk a wee bit - generally the uphill sections). Got changed into my nice, dry, warm clothes - kinda tricky in the windy pissing rain, thank heavens for my back seat - and headed home.

Ma n Pa were a little worried because there is a concrete slab that sometimes becomes a 'ford' when its been raining, but all was fine, water was still well below it. I think they were on their way out to check on me soonish, so lucky I powered through the tramp.

Now if only I could win lotto ....

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