"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Friends baby day

I had lunch today with some of my ex colleagues, which was FUN!  It was great to see them all again, and particularly good to see M, who had her baby 3 weeks ago.  I had been planning on seeing her sooner, but I wanted to have the results from our IVF first, when I wouldn't be quite as stressed out.  She is such a cute baby.  I didn't hold her, not because it would upset me, but because I really am nervous of 'new borns'.  I know I will be fine with my own, but other peoples make me nervous.

And just now there was a FB announcement that my friend has had her baby, which is very cool!  She is the oldest of 4 sisters, and the last to have a baby, and I know it used to upset her.  Of course I am jealous, especially when our IVF has only just failed.  But I'm not upset, just jealous.  I  WANT  ONE

So all of this makes me feel really wistful.  I really can't wait until we have kids of our own, whether they are biological or adopted or foster kids, I just want some!  I want to be a part of the 'mummy' group.  I want to read them stories, and play games, and paint pictures.  I want to buy toys, and books, and children's clothes.  I want to have routines, or at least try and have routines.  And I want to take thousands and thousands of photos.

Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue!

Ladies on the FB group keep talking about Circle Bloom, a visualisation CD.  And I thought about buying it.  I had it all set to process (for the download to my computer).  But I changed my mind.  I don't know if I am a visualisation person or not, and I'm not blowing $59US to find out.  I shall mull it over for a few days before I do/don't decide to get it.  I might wait until after our review appointment before making any decisions.  This, I might add, is very grown up of me.  Normally I spend the $$ and worry about whether I will use it, or not, later.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

No confirmation yet

Well I had my blood test today.  I got it done in Stratty, which is nice and close but very small, by 9am.  So I have waited all day to get confirmation that I'm a BFN.  Yep, waited.  And waited.  And waited.  So I rang at 4pm, and the clinic haven't received the results yet.  Oh well, what's one more day waiting for the BFN … lol

I have confirmed our next IVF for August, but I did forget to mention that we needed to do frozen sperm this time.  August is extremely busy on the farm, with calving and milking, so TJL will not be able to get away for a day to give a fresh sample.  I hope that this will be ok!  It helps that he has such a good sperm count.  The excellent thing about August is that I will have time to get myself into better shape!  And I sure need too!

Unfortunately, the small FB group I have joined for IVF support has had two more negative results today (plus one positive).  It sure is a tough road for so many women today, but it is great to have found such a supportive network.

But good news from another is that Emily from A Peek Into Our Journey gave birth to her triplets today.  She did really well to keep them in for 26 weeks, so here's hoping they grow big and strong.

Well, I guess I will get the BFN confirmation tomorrow.  I hope so as I really need to let people know, so I can move forward!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

So where to from here?

I've been thinking, last night and today, as to what I think we should do between now and August, when we hopefully get to do IVF #2.

The first plan is to  HAVE  SOME  FUN!  Yep, it's time to bring back some fun into our relationship.  I told TJL last night that we will be making a baby the 'natural way' over the next 6 months so GET  READY!!  Hehehe.  Chances are slim, but hey, we've got nothing to lose, and a deepening of our relationship to gain.

Next plan is to get HEALTHY!  I was doing pretty well, and then TJL had his accident on Tuesday and my stress levels skyrocketed.  Not only from the stress of is he okay? What the heck would I do if he wasn't here?  But I also went from housewife to full on farmer (including sprinting (now this would be a Micha sprint which isn't that fast!) after some escaped cows on the first night, which hurt my tummy in a stitch kind of way) for a few days.  So I ate terribly for the rest of the week, which is no excuse, but I really need to clean up my diet.

And then I thought that, since we had been considering fostering/home for life a few months ago, and we are all signed up and good to go once we give the word, that perhaps we should do some short term care stuff in May, June, and July, (and maybe April).  I am letting TJL think about it, while I think about it myself.  I actually think it would be a good idea as it would let us know what we are in for.  But we shall see.  I think I'm just scared of being terrible at it, and we end up more stressed than ever.  But we won't know unless we take a leap of faith and give it a go.

Obviously I am waiting for the definite confirmation of a BFN tomorrow, while a miracle would be awesome I don't think it's my turn, but, you know, theres that crazy part of you that thinks, just maybe … It's a really tiny part, and I'm definitely not going to crumble when the call comes through.  Then I get to do all the 'it failed' messages - oh joy!  And then life goes on, yippee!

I thought I had something else to say, but it's gone, it might come back, might not, oh well ...

Friday, February 24, 2012

To POAS or to not POAS, that is the question.

I bought a couple of hpt's today.  Should I POAS or not?  I just don't know.  

My cramping is all but gone(ish).  I have had an uncomfortable tummy since egg retrieval, so I can't really tell what is going on from that aspect.  My tummy is still a bit uncomfortable, but not as bad as it was (at times) yesterday.  But then, that would be pretty normal for AF.  I have had minor back pain today, but nothing like I would usually get.  Or am I just telling myself that?

My 'period' is very light.  I had next to no bleeding over night.  Today I have bright red blood, but not the huge amounts I usually have (sorry, TMI, but I'm trying to keep a reference for future use), but definitely more than mere spotting.  Is it the progesterone that is preventing a heavier bleed?  Should I have stopped bleeding now, if it was all ok?  I have to say I HATE going to the toilet today, it's all 'Has it stopped?  Is it heavier?  Arghhhh!  

I wish I had kept the blood test for tomorrow, but what the heck, it's only one more day.  I have a feeling that I will POAS today, really, with all the questions I have I don't see that it will hurt.  Regardless of the outcome, I will still have the BT on Monday, and it may make me stop obsessing quite so much.

TJL is pretty 'gutted' about the whole thing, which makes me feel worse, but he is such a loving guy, I am one lucky woman!

And when I think about it all, my life is pretty fantastic, whatever the result I have a wonderful life and we are really blessed.

Edited:  I pee'd, it's negative, one final confirmation to go, and life goes on :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

And I think it's all over

So before heading out to milk this arvo, at 3pm, I went to the loo, and bright red on the toilet paper.  Sad.  Told TJL and he was sad too.

I rang the nurse straight away and left a message.  She rang back and said that it didn't always mean it was over, but we may as well push the blood test out to Monday (to save me travelling to have it done on the Sunday).  I'm okay with that.

I felt pretty upbeat during milking - crazy ah!  We have another IVF in August, and then we have the frostie from this IVF, so it isn't all over completely.  So I had quite a few laughs with TJL while milking, while I planned the future in my head.

Got home, went to the loo, and nothing.  So hope built up again.

And then I got cramps, and there is more blood.  So even though it's not over until I get confirmation on Monday, I feel that this could be the end of IVF #1.  The fat lady isn't singing, but she is definitely warming up in the dressing room.  I will continue the pessaries (double ewwww!) until confirmation on Monday, as I have nothing to lose by doing it.

I am surprised at how matter of fact I feel about it.  But it is out of my control, and I can't do anything about it, so I'm just going with the flow (a bit too literally!) … hahaha

I trust God, He knows what He's doing, it is all in His hands.

Insane in the brain

9dp3dt (I think!)

Two more sleeps until blood test day, if I manage to last that long before heading to the looney bin.  The closer it gets the more nervous I get, which I am assuming is normal (I know, I know,  to assume is to make an ASS out of U and ME).

Also, is it normal to be pleased for fellow IVFer's that get their BFP but then you think that, you know, with statistics 'n all, if they get the BFP then that leaves a BFN to be filled?  Crazy?  Yes!  Illogical?  Yes!  Does this thought enter my head?  Heck yes!  Do I begrudge them their BFP?  NO!  Am I somewhat jealous?  Yes!  Does all of this make me appear selfish?  Yes, but I hope it's temporary.

My mind also flip flops between picturing telling people 'it's a BFP', and then to the 'it's a BFN'.  I try to remove both thoughts from my head, and to wait patiently until Sunday (or even Monday if that's when the clinic get's back to me) but man it's hard, my mind won't stop.

And I'm also imagining things.  I thought that I saw something on my sanitary pad when I went to the loo.  Was it brownish? Was it the start of a period?  So I sit, and stew about it, trying to avoid going back to the bathroom in case of what I might see.  Then I get brave, and go back, and it's nothing.  Not even really any colour, it's just pessary goo, I'm sure.  So I breathe a sigh of relief, once again.

I think part of the weirdest thing is usually I have some kind of gut feeling about things, but this time I got nothing.  One moment I think it's all going to work out, next moment I think, nup, not this time sister.  COME  ON  SUNDAY!  Put me out of my misery!

Monday, February 20, 2012

TJL Escaped death by cm's

Today started off a-ok.  I got up as per usual, did a few chores and then had an acupuncture appointment at 11am.  Acupuncture appointment was great.  Only 8 needles (including two in my head, and I have never had them in my head before but it was fine) and some lovely Moxa (oh how I love the moxa).  Grabbed some subway on the way home for lunch, and then got home and was greeted by …

…the farm owners wife … carrying TJL's work boots *gulp*!

When I headed off to my acupuncture appointment TJL headed off on his tractor, with the farm owner, to knock in some posts.  Apparently the last post to put in, and being situated on a hill the tractor began to tip over.  TJL jumped off of the tractor and scurried out of the way and as it came over it caught his head.  He is so lucky that he only got a cut to his head requiring 4 stitches, and a cut to his leg requiring 4 stitches.  A few cm's over and his skull would have been crushed.

While added stress at this time is not my ideal lead up to a blood test on Sunday, obviously we are extremely thankful for this near miss and definitely counting our blessings.  What it has taught me is how much I love, and rely on TJL, and come what may, between the two of us we can cope.  I am so glad that God chose to bless us with a near miss at this time in our lives, so we really appreciate what is important at this time, and that is each other!

Of course Trent is now super sore and it now means I have to milk until he feels better, but it is a small price to pay for having him safe and sound.

God is good!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some semblance of normal - edited

Well I am finally beginning to act 'normal' again.  Instead of sitting on my ass most of the day, obsessively reading blogs, I am actually doing 'things' other than making the bed, washing clothes, tidying the kitchen and cooking dinner … I kid you not!

Yes, my daily routines are slowly beginning to re-emerge, much to TJL's delight.  I mean, the floors are actually vacuumed, the bedroom is dusted and clean, my bible is read, and the garden is watered!  I do have to thank TJL a lot for that last one as he actually spent most of yesterday WEEDING them.  He did haul my ass out to weed one with him, which has inspired me to actually start putting the care back into them - poor neglected, dying things that they are.  Oh the guilt!  And not to forget the other day when I actually tidied my drawers and thus have thrown out 3 shopping bags of old, manky, don't fit anymore clothes.  And my drawers are STILL FULL!  But the hot water closet (where I put the clothes after drying on the line to ensure they are 'bone' dry) has room!  My clothes are not falling out of that closet and onto the floor ANYMORE!  Boo yah!

So today I believe I am 5dp3dt (5 days past 3 day transfer is how I think it goes).  And I have no symptoms what-so-ever.  Sometimes I think I am having some, but as with most things IF, a lot of it is mental rubbish, and I am always second guessing them anyway.  Nothing will be known for sure until I have the blood test on Sunday and the clinic gets back to me.  I am swinging between bouts of manic singing/dancing/joking around and then crashing with 'oh I hope that this works!'  Poor TJL has a right time of it just trying to figure out which one I will be when he see's me next.  Lucky he is a pretty relaxed sort of fella and takes it all in his stride.

Anyway, the birds are chirping outside, so I think it's time to switch the stereo off and have a bit of quiet book reading time, before the afternoon hits with a few more jobs I have to get done around here.

Ahhh, bliss!

Bah ha ha ha ha, I am so dumb at this!  I am only 5 days past 3 day transfer … doh!  Should be right now …. lol

Friday, February 17, 2012

And one to freeze

Just received a call from the clinic lab, and more good news (which weirdly makes me more nervous, perhaps as it means we have more to lose) and one embryo was good enough to freeze yesterday.  The other didn't make it quality wise today, which obviously makes me a little sad, (so long little Wotwot, thank you for giving me your best try). 

So this cycle has gone unbelievably well.  Two little Wotwots hopefully embedding themselves at some point very soon, safe and sound in my belly, and one little Wotwot chillin' in the freezer for future use.  We are just so glad to have another option.

In case you didn't know what (or who) a Wotwot was (being a kiwi programme and all I think), these are Wotwots.  It is the only name I could come up with for the two in my tummy, since I'm a complete moron and have no idea what they actually are, scientifically - whatsits became wotwots.  Clear as mud??

And I have also found a NZ FB group for IVFers, which is great.  I love reading the blogs of others experiencing this BUT most of those are from the USA, which is fine BUT it is nice to follow along the stories of those in NZ as well.  Dealing with the same clinics, in the same time zone, know what Wotwots are …. lol

God is so good!  I (we) feel so blessed.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm so boring!

Seriously.  When I think about it I am a total bore.  I actually have nothing of interest to post about.  How sad is that?  Surely I have a life outside of TTC, somewhere, anywhere …. but nope, that is pretty much all I am about at the moment.  Of course nothing is happening until tomorrow, when we find out if the other two cells made it to freezing size, or not.  It will be beyond fantastic if they do.  To have another option further down the track can not be anything other than good.

Personally, I'm not feeling anything.  I have the odd crampy feeling, but nothing mind boggling.  The only thing is my mind is a bit gaga.  I couldn't even remember yesterday that I had travelled up to Hamilton the day before for the transfer!  Seriously!  I couldn't remember what I had done the day before - what is THAT all about?  What a ding bat!

I had to buy boob support sleepwear yesterday.  The plain fact is I am pretty well endowed, and with being currently overweight (read FAT) they are even more endowed than usual.  This means that when I take off my lovely (gigantic) support bra(s) the boobies are a bit sore and uncomfortable as they must weight goodness knows what, as they hang down and flop around, and it feels like the muscles are getting stretched.  I decided that I just couldn't sleep like that anymore, so I went in to buy some cheap sports bras that weren't overly supportive (hence the cheap ones) as I don't want to crush them all the time, they need some freedom, but were better than just a t.shirt.  What I discovered was even better - a sports singlet with built in support!  AND they were on sale for $10!  So I bought three, yep thats right, THREE!  And oh so comfy to sleep in!  Oh so happy!

The only other stuff I have done is loads of washing, made the bed, tidied the kitchen, and bought more vitamins, as I had my last one yesterday.  Dang they are expensive - $89 for 100 and that is on SALE, lucky I got those singles for a bargain.  Oh, and I have shifted calves and walked the dog.

Whooot!  I'm a thrill a minute … lol

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Transfer complete

I had my transfer today.  Ye gads it was awful.  I do not cope with a full bladder at all well.  They fortunately let me 'let a bit go' before the transfer, but oh heck, I only just managed to stop from letting it all go (via standing up and pretty much yelling 'stop!')  Then by the time it was time for the transfer I was pretty much bladder full again so I was making many strange noises while trying to NOT pee on the Dr.  I was also taking a lot of deep breaths, which I had to stop as the Dr couldn't get the right place to drop the embies off on, so I hope I managed to stop long enough for her to hit the right spot.  And once I was given the all clear I was into the toilet like a shot and did the longest 'Austin Power's pee' ever.  Once I got out and into 'my' little room I noticed another woman rushing around like a crazy person needing the loo, so I felt a bit better and more normal, (although also a bit guilty for holding up the loo for so long).

So anyway, we had a 10 cell, two 8 cells and I think a 6 cell.  They transferred the two 8 cells today, and will phone and let us know on Saturday whether the 10 cell and/or the 6 cell are worth freezing.

I'm getting a bit nervous as everything seems to be going so well, and of course, being an infertile, it just can't be that easy.  Of course I really, really, really want this transfer to work (well doesn't everyone doing IVF!) but I am trying oh so hard to not get my hopes up.  I'm definitely going in cycles - you know, planning on what will happen if it happens, and then pulling myself back as there is still so much more to go through - the good ol' two week wait being the first of them.

Anyway, I have to 'be normal' for the next week and a half, and then have the 'are you pregnant?' blood test on Sunday 26th.  I wonder what 'normal' is, it seems so long since I have felt normal I am not too sure as to what I'm to do … no doubt I will figure it out.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Retrieve and fertilise

So we had the egg retrieval yesterday.  I was very, very, very nervous.  I tried to drink 2-3 glasses of water by 8.20am, but I just couldn't make myself.  I think I got close to two, but I actually 'peed' most of it out on the trip up, ie stopped twice for bathroom breaks on the way up, and went straight to the loo when we got to the clinic.

We got shown to a room and I got to put on a lovely flannel 'muumuu' for want of a better word.  She was a beauty!  Embryologist came in and told us what was about to happen, then Dr came in to get the needle in for the drugs.  And here it turned every so slightly to custard.  She couldn't find the vein in the left arm, so then moved to the right arm.  It took her a while but she finally found it, at which point I went very very faint!  Apparently I went as white as my muumuu gown.  I came right pretty quickly, and I didn't faint completely, but I still think I had them a bit un-nerved.  They then gave me a saline drip to 'buck me up' and then proceeded to take my blood pressure about 4 times, to convince themselves I wouldn't 'cark-it' on the operating table.

Finally we got to go into the little operating room.  Got given some drugs, which I didn't notice but must have affected me as I mentioned TJL could sing me Edelweiss (a family joke) - I think this was in response to keeping me calm.  And at some other point I said 'if it doesn't work I can always become a crazy cat lady'.  Ten minutes later it was all done and I got to go back to the recovery room and chill out for a while.  The actually procedure hurt a little bit a couple of times, but nothing major.

They retrieved 4 eggs, which I was quite happy with.

Then we had the four hour drive home.  I would never, ever recommend this for anyone.  NZ roads are twisty, turny, and bumpy as you wouldn't believe.  I managed to have a wee sleep, but the rest of the trip was not pleasant - obviously the drugs had worn off and I was not a happy camper.

Seriously, if that's what 'period pain' feels like, then I definitely don't get it.  Very uncomfortable.  In fact I only started to feel somewhat 'normal' today at around 4.30pm.

And we finally got the call through this afternoon that all 4 eggs fertilised (I nearly cried when the nurse told me), so I will hopefully be getting two embryos 'stuck back in me' either Wednesday or Thursday.

We are so blessed to have made it this far, and I am praying that it continues.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Trigger shot

Welcome to my new followers!  It is nice to have you along, and I hope I don't bore you rigid!  Todays post is a bit of a long one, so I apologise in advance.

I had a much better visit with the clinic yesterday (Friday).  The scanner tech/Dr actually spoke to me, and cracked a joke or two in reference to my 'missing left ovary'.  I said that 'I hoped she could find it', to which she replied 'well I hope you brought it with you', and I said 'well if I haven't I have no clue as to where I have left it'.  So it was good, and relaxing.  She was also more gentle with the probey thing, perhaps that was because she actually managed to find my left ovary …. hooray!!  And they actually seemed to care that I had travelled a long way AND we were paying for it (not that I think that because we are paying we deserve better treatment than someone who doesn't, but it does mean I get a bit more annoyed when I am not treated with respect).

So, from memory, my left ovary had two folicles - size 14 and 12.  The right ovary had 5 or 6 folicles - size 21, 21, 2x 13, and an 11, I think there may have been another one in there, but I can't remember.  So they didn't know whether to trigger me Fri or Sat night, and wouldn't make a decision until they had my blood test result in.  They did ask if I could hang around until the results were in, which I would have done had I needed to, but then they realised that I had one shot of GonalF left, should I need it, and they could give me the trigger shot to go, so I got to head home straight away.

So I finally got the call late afternoon yesterday (like at 4.45pm) that we were triggering that night.  This meant that we have to be at the clinic on Sunday for egg collection.  This in turn meant that we had to try and find a relief milker for Sunday, which is really short notice.  Our regular relief milker (and by regular I mean we have used her once, and she was awesome) is getting married so she was out.  Our 'old' relief milker is busy relieving for someone else.  TJL's sister is milking for her own farm as their worker is away for the weekend.  Their relief milker was busy elsewhere.  THANKFULLY TJL's friend had a weekend off from his farm and agreed to be our lifesaver.  He is getting a big bottle of rum (apparently that would be the thanks of his choice) and some chocolates for his troubles.  We are so relieved we managed to find someone as otherwise TJL would have had to get up at 1.30am and milk before we leave at 5.30am, and then 4 hours to Hammytown, followed by how ever long it takes to get my eggs retrieved, and then a 4 hour drive home, and then the afternoon milking.  Seriously, IVF is HARD when you are self employed farmers with no outside help!

Anyway, I got to have my trigger shot last night at 10.20pm.  I am hardly ever up that late.  But we made it, and TJL gave me my trigger.  So today, I get to be injection free!  Yay!  Not to mention I am now nervous as heck about tomorrow.  5.30am we leave home.  I have to have 2-3 glasses of water by 8.20am to by hydrated so they can find a vein (fan-tas-tic - more needles), no food!  At 9.20am I am to have 3 panadols with a sip of water.  Then be at the clinic by 9.50am and egg retrieval begins at 10.20am.  NERVOUS  MUCH!!!!!  You can bet your bottom dollar I am.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Rubbish appointment - bah humbug!

So I had the joy of getting up at 4am, and on the road by 4.30am.  Made it to Hammytown by 8.30am and had my blood test.  Then I went to Fert. Ass. at 9am to see if they could do my jab, which they did.  And then I proceeded to wait until 9.45am for my scan.  At this point everything pretty much went downhill.

I know nothing.  The tech. told me to hop up on the 'table'.  Did the scan.  Told the nurse that I had 1x10, 2x11 and 1x15 in the right ovary.  She couldn't find the left ovary (which obviously can not be a good thing).  Tech then told me where the tissues were to 'wipe myself', and that I had to have another blood test and scan on Friday.  I asked if I had to have it 'there', to which she replied 'yes' and then rushed off.  The only other thing she mentioned was to continue the drugs, and they might find something in the left ovary on Friday.  I think.  She didn't exactly hang around to tell me ANYTHING.  No one seemed to care if I had any QUESTIONS.  So really, I don't know anything.  I pray that the four in the right ovary turn into something - stupid left ovary … lol

Then the nurse said that they would 'call me' once they had the blood results in.  By this time I was a little tired, and not too impressed, so I said, 'Well I have a four hour drive ahead of me so don't phone too soon'.  'Oh' she said 'You've come a long way' …. well DUH, if anyone would take the time to listen to me!  Anyhow, she asked if I wanted a later appointment on Friday, so I asked if it could be in the afternoon?  Nope, so I said, well since I have to have a blood test, the earlier the better then (ie have to be in Hammytown for blood test at 8.30amish, so the less hanging around between that and the scan the better) but she didn't get it so she is going to book me in for 10am.  So I just said 'fine', and she said 'bye' so I flashed my smile, and left.  

I have to admit I was so wild.  No one there seems to LISTEN to me.  Seriously, I just want to ask why I can't have the blood test and scan done in NP, and it would be nice to know if todays scan means that really, this cycle is just a wash-out, or whether it is salvageable, or whether it is quite normal.  Ughhhhh, at times, living in such a small country sucks lemons, as this is the only clinic I can go to.  What annoys me more is that so far we have spent $9000.00 on this cycle (and then some) and they treat me like that!  

I am definitely going to take up my free cycle in August (if we need it) and run the staff ragged.  I know that they see a long stream of people like me, day in and day out, but when they know it is your first cycle they could at least ask if you have any questions before bolting off.  And I'm not going to Dr Google it, as that will just confuse me further.

It is now 3.50pm, and no message or call in-sight from the clinic.  My word, if this IVF does work, and when we no longer need them, methinks they are going to receive a message from me about how sucky their patient care is.

Of course if IVF does work, I will be far too happy to give a stuff about the rubbish I had to go through to get there.

Vent over!

Edit to add - clinic just called.  I stay on the same meds, and have my appointment in Hammytown at 11.10am.  So I had a wee - can't I get in earlier, if I have to have the blood test at 8.30am then it is too long to wait.  She said that I could have the blood test at 10am, so then it would only be an hour, which is good as I only have to get up at 5.30am and leave by 6.  I am also going to get TJL to inject me early, so I don't have that worry while I'm driving.  So it will be 3 hours early, hopefully it won't matter … LITTLE  FAT  FINGERS  CROSSED.

Oh, and too bad if I had any further questions as she said 'bye' really quickly and hung up.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Not happy

The clinic text me today to tell me that I need to be there at 9.45am tomorrow morning for a scan, and to have a blood test first.

The clinic is 4 hours away.

I have to be up and away by 4.30am tomorrow morning, to get the blood test done at around 8.30am (which is the time that I think they like them done) somewhere in Hammytown - note to self get map and find location of a med.lab!

TJL injects me at 9am.  Trent isn't coming as he has to milk.  I either have to inject myself (please, please, please no!) or I'm going to show up at the clinic early (ie at 9am) and find someone there to do it.  Or maybe I will ask the med.lab person to do it.  I only trust TJL to do it.  I'm not happy.  Note to self, pack drug and needle to take.

I phoned the clinic today at around 3.15pm to see if I could have the scan done in NP by Dr Fufu gynecologist.  No one returned my call.  So I get to drive 4 hours.  Have a blood test.  Have a random stranger inject me.  Have a scan.  Then drive the 4 hours back home.  Alone.  

I am not happy!  I will do it, but I am not happy!  Yep, it's definitely feel sorry for me time.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Headaches - I just don't get them

Well okay, I hardly ever get headaches, but I have one now.  I'm pretty sure it is a side effect of the drugs TJL gets to inject me with each day.  I think the counsellor said that they would dehydrate me, which is why I am not to have anything with caffeine in it (which for me means chocolate) as that would dehydrate me further.  I am guessing that is why I have a headache now.  I got one last night at about 10pm, and woke up with a bit of one, but haven't had one for most of the day, and then it came back about 6.30pm tonight.  I have been trying to drink plenty of water, but I just don't feel like it.  The nurse did say I could have panadol, but not neurofen, so I might take a panadol shortly, unless this headache disappears all of it's own accord.  I really do prefer to not take anything in addition to what I am currently on.

I have my blood test tomorrow.  Here's hoping it gives us the results we need.  I am going to try and not worry about it, as there is nothing we can do, but I'm still hoping for good results regardless (whatever a 'good' result will be, I have no idea).  Being that this is my first IVF, and having not done any research as such, I really am pretty much flying blind here.  It just means that I have to go with the flow, and do whatever they tell me.  Yep, I have blind faith in the doctors and nurses, and will continue to do so until something goes 'wrong', which I sincerely hope it doesn't!

Other symptoms other than a headache.  My tummy is a bit funny, uncomfortable, but nothing major and I am SO TIRED, oh so tired!  More tired than usual.  I don't know whether it is to do with the stress of having to catch up editing and uploading 5000 photos to my website from two weeks worth of events, or if it is the drugs, or, most likely, a combination of the two.  I am so glad I got the photos finished today, seeing as how I have an event to shoot tomorrow.  At least there will be only one event to edit through, rather than the 3 per week for the previous two weeks.

So I am busy tomorrow.  Have my blood test in H by 8.30am, back home by 9.00am for my shot, then back into H to shoot the event.  I guess I could take the shot in with me to save me a trip, but I strangely prefer TJL to do it now, now I have him trained up anyways.

So now I'm off to laze on the couch and watch the goggle box, not that there is anything decent to watch, but I just need to give my mind and eyes a break from this computer screen!

Check ya later!

Friday, February 03, 2012

TJL … I am not a cow! Mooooooo!

So the injections are going well so far.  I do work myself into a bit of a state before each shot (actually for a good hour or two before each shot).  Stupid really, as they don't really hurt THAT much, just a wee sting, but still, each and every day so far I have felt sick at the thought of having my shots.  TJL tells me to not think about it … bah ha ha ha haaaaa … if I knew how to not think about it I definitely would be doing that.  Its not a major state, just makes me feel 'sad' if anything.  Random, I know, but thats how I'm feeling at the moment … sad, and overwhelmed - far too much going on at the moment.

I just had my first Gonal F shot tonight.  It is the 'big one', so of course I was more worried than usual.  TJL has been doing great with the injections so far, aside from the second one when he forgot to pinch up a bit of skin and just 'stuck the needle in', I got jabbed twice at that one, and he got a bit of a 'telling off' … lol.  And it's not like I don't have a lot of extra 'skin' … hahaha

However, none of his shots have been as good as the first one, and I worked out today it is because he is used to injecting cows.  One thing about cows, they have thick, tough hides.  You need to use a bit of 'force and distance' when injecting them.  Unfortunately he had been doing the same with me!  I thought to tell him tonight, before my two shots, that he doesn't need to inject me like a cow, and a gentle insertion of the needle should be fine.  Fortunately it worked, and the 'pain' was minimal.  And when I say pain, on a scale of 1-10 its about a 2 … lol.  But I will get nervous again tomorrow before my shots, and I dare say this will continue until I no longer need to have any shots at all.

And now to bed.