"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hi ho hi ho maybe to work I go

Tomorrow at 8am I am heading off to a local farmer's dairy farm to see if he wants to hire me as a relief milker. Considering I have never milked anything in my entire life he's taking a bit of a gamble, but heres hoping it pays off. This could be the job I've always wanted but never knew about. Awww heck I just don't know. Of course this also solves the problem of 'wanting to 'marry' a farmer', I may as well just be one myself. Hopefully will have news regarding this tomorrow. At this stage it will be only 25 hours a week and we can review it after 1 month, in case I hate it, or am just not suited. Of course Im scared, I always am regarding something new, but it could be good - I sure hope so.

Sister, Gareth and neice are visiting at the moment. All is well. Gemma, Nikki and Gareth all had a ride on Chanel, so that was cool.

Finished Christmas shopping today. Got my Dad's golf balls for his birthday, which were the last things that I had to get, and actually the first things I needed since his birthday is the 22nd. I also got myself two t.shirts. I'm so outta control with the credit card - I need both a job and for the house to sell.

Perhaps life is picking up (touching wood). I do need perspective though as my life, on the grand scheme of things, is never ever really all THAT bad.

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