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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Damn neighbours and their dumb fox terriers

Neighbours fecking fox terrier just attempted to kill one of my cats, god damn dog, I hate fox terriers. Mum ran out of the house screaming at the little bastard to leave the cat alone and the mutt just plain ignored her. Thankfully Dad had forgotten to shut the garrage door, and the garrage is full to overflowing with my crap, so my cat managed to get away and up seriously high. Took a while for the dumb mutt to realise that she was being yelled at to feck off home, shes not welcome here any more. Stupid dumb neighbours who dont fence their stupid dumb dog in. Partially my families fault for usually being nice to the 'poor dog' who gets quite lonely at home, being there all day with no one to play with or talk to. However this does not excuse chasing and attacking an innocent cat. Now my other cat is yeowling to get outside but Im just not risking it in the dark, especially since he's black and I'll never find him if I need to. Biggest problem is that the cats have only been here 2 months (attacked cat) and 1 month (black cat) so neither of them are really settled in just yet.

Damn stupid fox terriers!!! I hate em!!!

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