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Friday, December 02, 2005

Och me aching feet

Went for a 6hr tramp today. Attempted once again to go to Gold Creek Hut. Found Gold Creek. Found the start of the track. Got about 10M where-by the track ran out. Hopped over the fence and attempted to head up the farmers paddock instead of bush bashing, but no good. Very steep and quite loose shingle plus spikey shrubs, so I stopped, had a bite to eat, took some pics, hiked back to the bottom, then headed off and hiked Yeomans Track instead. Next time I attempt Gold Creek Hut I shall approach it via the creek and come back via the ridge track (hopefully). I decided better to feel a prat and 'give-up' rather than be a prat and get lost or injured.

Tired now

Time and date 07.10pm 3 Dec 2005

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