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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Flying flying flying ... CRASH LANDING

Actually managed to haul ass outta bed and go for my run this morning. I actually kind of enjoyed it, almost. Bugga'd me out pretty good. I went close to 10km I think - plus the powerwalk as well.

Then I had an interview in town at 11am. I think it went ok but won't know anything until mid next week. Didn't wear makeup - could be my downfall - but I just don't own any.

Bike. Bike!!!! Was awesome today. Had a brilliant ride. Bugga'd me out pretty good too :-) I'm keen to get a new bike but .....

Looks like the sale of the joint property has fallen through due to a typo on the water easement. Trying to sort it out without knowing the full details is a bit tricky. Getting lawyer A to email me so I can email lawyer B (who missed the error when we purchased it) in an attempt to get it fixed up. Of course it could just be a loophole for the purchasers to get outta buying, but who knows.

I'm tired and stressed and don't think I can be bothered going to the tramping club meeting tonight. Not in the mood to drive 45 minutes to meet strangers and then tramp with them on Sunday. Might just tramp by myself this weekend again. Was going to go shopping and buy a sleeping bag etc on sale tomorro, but since no definite job, no house sale, might just sit at home and lick my wounds - will go for a swim tomorrow though - I forgot how I love to swim.

Time and date 5.27pm 30 Nov 2005

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