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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I cut the horses paddock in half

Well both of my horses are getting a bit too fat so I have fenced their paddock in half. Its my fault as I haven't been riding them yet Ive been feeding them so what did I expect to happen. Plus its good spring grass at the moment. Awww I can see them out the window right now and they are grooming each other, how adorable!! Despite being overweight they are both in tip top condition, all sleek and shiney.

My run went well today. I timed myself over the 7km and it was about 45minutes so not exactly the speed of, well, someone fast. I did an alternate road marker 'sprint' over the last km which made me feel a little bit nauseous by the last one. I am proud of the fact that I could actually push myself to the point of nausea - ie I didn't wimp out. For next week I was tossing up whether to extend the distance or do the road marker sprints. I have decided to do both as I coped with the sprints ok today. I think once I feel I am running an ok distance in total, ie 10km or something, I shall then try and improve my times. Maybe I should check out a training schedule somewhere.

The rest of the day has been average. Hi de hi de hi de hi, ho de ho de ho de ho. My aunt, uncle, cousin, cousins kid, and two other kids came over and visited. I made scones and fortunately they were edible. I originally was making them for Dad as hes been working really hard for the last few days with docking. Luckily he was around to get 2 or 3. I bought a cooked chicken and some fresh rolls so he will at least have a nice lunch tomorrow.

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