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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Changed my tyre but my spare was flat

And so the story goes. Had a wonderful swim in the morning. There was a bus outside the pool that could only mean one thing .... SCHOOL KIDS .... ARGHHHHHH. But it wasnt so bad, they were kayaking so only 3 in the pool at once, and such quiet, well behaved kids. Don't know what school they were from but MAN awesome kids. I swam 1250M - go me!!! 1050 freestyle, 100 'breast stroke' and 100 backstroke. Twas brilliant.

Walked home and met Dad by the railway lines. He stopped and told me I had a flat. BUGGA. Got home and had an early lunch. Changed my tyre. My spare was flat. I actually think its rotten - ugh. Dilemma - do I fork out good $$$ to fix the tyres (I think I need new tyres not just repairs) when the car is bound to be junked hopefully in a few weeks. Oh it may be best, at least that way I still have some transport. Because of the flats I didn't get to go bike!! Rats.

I did go to town and christmas shop. Got my ex-husband a book, and my neice (ex??) a book and a memo/photo holder magnet thing. Got my mum a bum-bag bottle holder thing for walking, and a pedometer (for her b'day - I forgot that I actually get her a magazine sub for her b'day so I might check with sis if she wants to buy it for her). Got dad a sudoku thingy for Chrissy, getting him Nike golf balls for his b'day (thats what he wants). And got my bubba neice a champions t-shirt, a giraffe fridge magnet (she loves magnets) and a soft dog (half price - hehehe). Oh and I got an Edna calendar for the parents (and one for me) and a bum-bag bottle holder for me too. So just gotta work out what to get the Sis and G and Im done, oh aside from the whole Chrissy card mail-out thing. I had such FUN today.

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