"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Friday, November 04, 2005

Bird shit on washing must be a bad sign

Waited impatiently all day yesterday to hear back from Agriquality. Went and got my washing in to find the two pieces that I wanted the most had been shat on from above. No doubt it was the cat tormenting swallows. A sign to be sure. 4.30pm the phone finally rings, oh about the job that you were supposed to fly to tomorrow, well its changed, you now fly on the 13th and its for one week only, sorry. Not as sorry as me I can guarantee. Should have taken the FruitFed job, buggery buggery bugga!! Oh well, at least I can tramp tomorrow, bike and maybe kayak on Sunday, and I can hang with my neice for a bit longer and take her for a horse ride if the weather holds out today.

Still haven't had word from the Japanese who were supposed to be buying our place, so I guess they changed their minds ... haven't found the upside of that one yet.

Yay!!! Last run for the week today. It went ok. My left ankle decided to give me trouble so I stopped to flex and circle it. A lovely gentleman stopped to check that I was ok so I said 'yes thankyou, it should be fine' and he said 'yeah, run through the pain barrier' so I did :-) Wasn't so much the pain barrier it was more the worry that it would collapse and I would be a foolish heap on the road, but all was well and I made it back in one piece.

And now Im back to job hunting *sigh* Thank heavens Ma n Pa can help me out financially till Im back on my feet (even though I feel such a loser for relying on them when Im 34, thats THIRTY FOUR gosh darn it). Mum said this morning that they could lend me as much as I needed, so I asked for $20k so I could get a new bike, kayak, and car. I think she said 'like hell we will' ;-)

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