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Thursday, December 01, 2005


So got up, well, can't actually remember the time now, had to muck around for a long time before heading down to the pool. Managed to swim 500M total this time so I did a lot better than Tuesday. Cute farm-boy went through to the gym again, I was making obvious pointing gestures to my sister, who finally saw him. Cute farm-boy smiled at me, only because I was with 2 year old neice in the pool and chucking her around a bit - felt like screaming 'shes my neice, Im single' - but hey, chances are he's just outta high school, and judging by his looks he's way outta my league anyway - sure a nice peice of eye candy though!!

So swam my 500M (in 50M bursts) and then we went into town. Got new brake pads for bike, and picked up a DVD at the same time .... oooops!!! Watched it tonight, its 2 DVD's and the second 'bonus extra' is actually better than 'real one' ... Im not that keen on the sound track on disk 1, but hey I might come to like it. Of course after The Collective, Im kinda spoiled when it comes to MTB DVD. The shop guy mentioned that The Collective are bringing out another one in Feb so, yeah, I want it. Might build myself a wee jump tomorrow and really get into it even more, at least build up my confidence.

Kathmandu are having a sale so I bought myself a new sleeping bag 60% off!!!! And a sleeping bag liner, and 2 waterproof emergency ponchos (one for Dad since I used his last weekend), and the neice got a fleece vest. Entered the draw to win $500.00 of stuff - yeah!!! Sister almost talked me into getting a cheap tent as well, but I think I will wait and get a slightly more decent one.

Ate too much junk ... awww crap!

Time and date: 09.54pm 01 Dec 2005

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