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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The neice is coming, wheres my fax?!?

Struggled to get up for my run this morning, but I did it. It was a bit cold and I was feeling a bit 'can't be bothered' but I got out there and managed to last the entire distance due to a severe stubborn streak in my nature. Usually when I transition from walk to jog I hate it but it went pretty smoothly today, which was great. And I tried to power along at the end too, I tend to shuffle run rather than stride out so I try to consciously stride out at times, it was good and I was stuffed.

I then showered, breakied, and ventured into town to drop off my bank account details to my new, temporary employer. Actually I have not even heard word from head office yet that I am employed, let alone where it is exactly that they are posting me, so I hope it all works out ok as their basket has a lot of my eggs.

Also waiting, waiting, waiting for a fax. A couple were supposed to be interested in my property up north and today they should be faxing through their offer, oh I hope they have not changed their minds, I really need the place to be sold. Oh well, life shall work things out at its own pace I guess - which is never at the pace I want it to!! *mumble, grumble, whinge, complain*

'The horse lover is a symbol of how a little impatience can ruin great plans' .... yeah yeah I know

And my sister is coming today with my 'almost 2' year old neice. A bubble of trouble if ever there was one, wears me out plain and simple. Ive got her a moonhopper for her birthday so, if shes big enough for it, that should wear her out a bit.

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