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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mind realignment

Was a bit nervous about my run this morning, after having 3 days off. Well they weren't off exactly as Sat I mountain biked and Sun I tramped, Mon was rest day though (does shopping count??). I wasn't sure how I was going to handle getting back into running, since Ive only been running for 1 week now, but all was fine. Aside from having to stop for a pee, which is a lot better to the #2's alternative (never talked about but does happen - google it and you too will learn) my run went rather well. Basically I powerwalk warmup for around 1.5km, then jog for 6km (2km up hill, 2km down hill, and 2km flat), then powerwalk cooldown for the 1.5km again. I found out at the start of my exercise that I was concentrating on 'why have I not lost any weight?' aspect so I had to switch my mindframe to 'training for the Kaweka Challenge'. In the past my 'lose weight' or 'get fit' goals have achieved exactly NOTHING which is why I have changed goal focus to be completeing the challenge. Once I got my mind sorted I enjoyed my run a lot more, as much as I can enjoy running that is. And I was in my new running singlet and mens volleyball shorts. You just can't find decent womens shorts at a decent price anywhere. The singlet is a little on the small side so my fat little belly kept poking its wobbley self out between my singlet and shorts. Im so glad I live rurally where the majority of witnesses to such a sight are sheep, cattle and horses.

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