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Friday, November 11, 2005

Dog anal glands

My staffy just had her anal glands cleaned out by the vet. One good reason not to be a vet I guess, but then again I can think of many reasons not to be a vet. At least Doccy should be a lot more comfortable in that area for a while at least. I took her for a swim and walk down by the river today. I feel so guilty that I hadn't gotten around to it until today as she had such a great time. She chased sticks and swam in the river, and I took her for a walk through Lindsay Bush (no dogs allowed but I did have her on a leash so surely no real problems), so she had a thoroughly wonderful time. I shall take her again tomorrow, and then again when I return from the South Island.

Speaking of which I'm not actually going to be based in Nelson, Im going to Westport so I'm a bit more excited now. I loved the West Coast when I did my 'fly-by-night' drive up that way when I was returning to the North Island from Queenstown. It will be great to have a week down there to check it out (around work hours of course). Yep, Im now pretty excited. I'm meeting a guy from Auckland at Nelson airport and we are driving down to Westport from there. How I'm supposed to know who he is I have no clue but I'm sure it will all work out fine. I actually have a flight schedule so this time its all go ahead.

My run today went great. Most of the people who use our road at the time I'm running give me a nice wave as they drive past, and one poor farmer chap gets to wave twice as he passes me on the way to drop his kids off for the bus, and then again on his way back. I did my 'roadmarker sprints' again today, I wasn't in the mood and I had to push myself to do them, but I did do them and I did them well. I won't run again until Tuesday, if I have time and get myself organised enough in Westport. I will run after work instead of before because I don't know how much walking I will be doing during the day and I had better not poop myself out.

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