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Monday, October 31, 2005

Temp work in South Island

So today I got to drive the 40 odd kms to Hastings to meet up with the Agriquality guy (nice guy so far to) to sort out my temp work with them. One would think that having left Auckland in order to be closer, and thus more useful, to my family I would have been able to find a job here in 'The Bay' but noooooo, Im now heading down to the South Island to help out with Didymo (Rock Snot) public awareness. Im using the term South Island because at this stage I dont know exactly where thats going to be - Nelson, Central Otago, or Southland. Im hoping Southland or Central Otago so I just know its going to be Nelson. I dont have a problem with Nelson, I just feel more attracted to the other areas.

Since I was in town I bought some socks, running singlets, shorts, dvds, and got my film from yesterdays 'mini tramp' developed. Twas a great tramp despite the constant drizzle and I was surprised at my fitness level after two weeks of training. Imagine how great my progress would be if I could cut out eating so much chocolate. Some good piccys on the film too, despite my camera getting all fogged up. I have to scan them now - no I have not gone digital yet, waiting for my share of a house in Northland to sell so I get some $$$ to buy some toys.

And today is my rest day so no training to be done thus I shall read a book instead. And its raining off and on so the horses are not going to get ridden either. They have already had about 3 days off so when the time comes to hop on its gonna be a fun ride, neither of them are exactly 'sane'. And since Im heading down south on Friday is there really any point to riding them before then, looks like they are going to have at least a months holiday as it is. Oh decisions, decisions

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