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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Runners diarrhoea

Yes it does exist, and thanks to a nice big family discussion about it this morning, they now know it exists now too. I had no trouble on todays run though (probably cause I went to the loo 4 times before I left) so I think Ive worked out how to control it a lot better, which would be to not head out until Ive been up half an hour or so. Mind you I was up for 1.5hours this morning before heading out due to Gemma (neice) being up and milling around the place calling 'cat!' each time she saw one of them and 'more!' when I was bouncing her on the bed. Fortunately she is not overly loud and she tries to be calm around the cats, but sometimes she can't help herself and runs along after them. She does that with the dogs too, which is a wee bit of a problem as my staffy. Docs, although 10 years old and never bitten anyone, is not to be trusted that much. Even the farmdog Tigger gets watched closely, and he's a giant sooky sweetheart. However dogs being dogs you never know when they might object to something.

My run was a bit tough this morning, I was keen to get out and really enjoyed the walking parts, but the jogging bit was tough. I couldn't quite get any power up for the last stretch home, though I did try and stride it out, it just didn't work to well. At the turnaround point I was going strong though (ok so its downhill) unlike yesterday where I was stuffed at that point, but Im glad I turned around as I was buggered by the finish.

Fingers crossed that I hear from both my 'job' (don't take it away from me before I even start), and the real estate agent today. Patience, patience, patience.

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