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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pictures of Gemma (and assorted others)

BJ, Gemma, Mummy Nikki and Chanel the horse. Gemmas second time on a horse and she was very brave. My sister Nikki was even braver really, not a keen horsewoman at all.

Gemma and her Guy Fawkes sparkler. Gemma is the ghostly blurr to the right of the sparkler. This photo turned out better than the ones with flash (yeah I know, but its a long time since I did any photography and my brain is not functioning in that capacity all that well yet).

Mummy Nikki and Gemma. Oh the flexibility!!

Gemma and Sassy Cat. Such a brave cat to allow an 'almost 2' year old anywhere near him. Please excuse the rubbish on the floor. I've been home a month and still haven't sorted out my unpacking completely.

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