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Thursday, July 01, 2010

There is no such thing as a free dog

This is what I look like at work. I don't have to be dressy, as I work in a chemistry lab, but I definitely think I could improve upon it somewhat!

Had another great day at work today. I did get a bit tired, it being Friday I guess, but I made it through with a great attitude. I would love to have a couple of days off but I have organised photographing the next two days in Hawera. Hopefully the weather will be fine, and my photos will turn out well. I get a bit more nervous when someone has actually asked me to be there.
Took Zara to the vets this afternoon. I had no idea how disgusting her teeth and gums were! Yuck. Black teeth, and a giant ulcer. Just plain awful. She is booked in again for Thursday, where she will be knocked out and have her teeth cleaned (hopefully not removed) and they will also clip all of the horrible matted knots off as well. Very lucky I have sold my desk and ab circle pro, as that money should cover the bill. And here was me thinking God had organised these sales so I could begin sponsoring a child. Obviously it was for the dog, and I shall have to save up for the child.
Worked well on becoming a 'perfect' wife again today. Left the kitchen and lounge spotless, and the bathroom very clean as well. Lucky because I forgot T's family were coming over to go to the Mangamingi dog sale. YAY! Plus I cooked tea, rather than have takeaways, to save funds to sponsor a child. I am beginning to feel very grown-up these days. Thank you God

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