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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hope that I helped

So C went home today. I really hope that I was able to provide her with some direction on what she should do in regards to her marriage situation. Basically my advice was to get her own personal, secret bank account. While I do not condone women having secrets from their husbands as a general rule, when said husband is addicted to gambling, and possibly alcohol, then I think that a separate, secret bank account is really a necessity. I also suggested that she either get in contact with K (a lawyer who we went to school with and specialised in family law for a while) or go to Citizens Advice Bureau and speak to a lawyer there. At least she will know where she stands, and what she can do should she decide to leave him. Obviously I told her that if she needs to, then she is always welcome to stay with us, with the children, until she can get sorted out. Obviously she has the worries with the 9 horses she owns, and her children, but I am sure that she can get around that. I am also praying for her. I am also praying for her husband N, to wake up and get help. I am contemplating sending her the DVD Fireproof, plus the book, the Love Dare (I think it is called). I can only do this if I believe I can financially afford it, as I am not finished with my copies (and probably never will be, as I do need regular reminders of how I should be behaving).

On a happier note, I am so happy with my spending as of late. Really happy with it, a long long road to go, but its coming up one month of good spending so I am rapt. I have been so good that I have to buy C a present for his first birthday, and I have the cash to do it. I also have enough cash to buy an inexpensive pair of jeans (or 2) for work, as my current ones are on their last legs (excuse the pun). And I should still have some left over to put into my savings account (what I have not spent I put into my savings account, instead of going 'Yeee Haaaaa! Money left over! Lets SPEND IT!'

On that similar vein, having been raised 'Strictly Atheist' and finding myself drawn to God and 'whatever that means', I have been thinking that I need to buy a bible, but this conflicts with my 'stop spending' mentality at present. Then I went 'DOH!' When we were back home last weekend to sort out my rental property, I found a bible in one of the drawers. I didn't grab it at the time as I was in the company of my Atheist parents, and T (who is Catholic, but not practicing), and I did not want to be embarrassed and made to explain myself. Luckily I am heading back there in 5 days time for C's 1st birthday, so I will make sure I pick it up on this trip. To be perfectly honest, this whole religion is SO very confusing. Christian, Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, and who knows what else is out there?! Do I pray to God, the Lord, Jesus? I'm trying Lord for starters. I have tried asking T, as he did go to church as a child, but he is no real help. I think I will start by reading the bible, and see what I think, and go from there. It is a big 'scarey' world for some of us :-)

Dear Lord. Thank you for blessing me today with C's visit, a gorgeous day, a visit from 'Socks' the neighbours cat, and some time to myself. Please help C in her marriage dilemma, please provide her with a safe path to progress along. Please help N amend his behaviour towards C, to recognise that his behaviours are not only hurting him, but also his family, and to give him the will and the strength to change. Please also bless C with the patience and understanding to assist N in anyway possible. Please also continue to take care of, and watch over my family, friends and animals. Amen

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