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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Promotion and payrise

I got a promotion and payrise at work today, so I am really really over-the-moon! Well obviously - dah! Who wouldn't be. I got called into the lab co-ordinators office and handed a letter, saying that I was going up from a level 4 technician to a level 5 technician, which is a pay increase of around $3500.00 a year, so that is awesome. I am so glad that I have been putting in the effort lately, putting my hand up to do things, and attend meetings that not many others are interested in. And with all of my prayers at recent, well, what can I say, but Thank You Lord! I really appreciate all of the opportunity you have been sending my way, and thank you so much for the reward and recognition.

I also decided last night, when hopping into bed, that today would be a TV free day. And I am pleased to say that this is what I have achieved (given that it is currently 7.58pm and I will be heading off to be around 8.30pm!). Instead I sat at the table, with my beloved, and ate dinner, and actually had a CONVERSATION where I PAYED ATTENTION to what he had to say. I then tidied up all of my finances (I am currently $255 better off this fortnight than last fortnight, and considering I had a couple of big payments then this is AWESOME as well). Long may it continue! And now I am on the computer, checking my emails, reading blogs, and, well, writing this one. The radio station I had on was not pleasant, so I wondered what I could do ... well bright spark, how about an online radio station, and so I am listening to online Christian rock.

I read quite a bit of Champions Body for Life today. And I am going to do the programme. I am not sure if this current book has the complete programme in it, so I may have to search out a secondhand book to purchase. I plan to get started in a couple of weeks, giving myself time to plan daily menus and exercise for the first month. It does look really good, so Lord, please give me the motivation to complete the plan, correctly and well.

Well I have washing to fold (hand dishes have been done, benches are wiped, yoghurt is 'cooking' and dishwasher is on), before heading to bed to read another chapter of The Reason for God, and maybe a chapter of 9 Critical Mistakes Most Couples Make.

Dear Lord. Thank you so very much for blessing me with a promotion and payrise today. Thank you for showing me the way with my health and fitness, by putting Champions Body for Life in my path. Please give me the strength to continue along this path of enlightenment and fulfilment. Please bless my family, friends and animals in their lives. Amen

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