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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tidy house, tidy mind

Man, me in my farm clothes again. Hopefully will have a nicer shot or two over the weekend!

I had another great day today. Since I had done the dishes, including putting them away, last night before bed, I had spare time this morning so I cleaned the shower while I was in it (not super well, but it was a start), and I tidied up the lounge, which did not have much stuff in it to tidy anyway. I also cleaned the bathroom last night before bed, just the toilet and vanity. It then shows up all the spots that I still need to clean, but still I am feeling pretty gosh darn happy at the moment.
Plus work is going really well too. I have worked on the cheese bench every day except Monday, and then today I went to a teamwork meeting, which was quite inspiring in that everyone there really wants to work on lab morale (as in entire lab, not just chemistry). Hopefully all goes well and the momentum does not peter out.
Zara seems to have settled in nicely. She has been outside all day, not interested in playing with Stella, but I think that she is just intimidated by her at the moment. I took her for a walk up the hill, and I think that she will get into shape pretty quickly. She is a bit on the fat side at the moment (I know I can't talk!), which shows that even if they didn't care enough to walk her and play with her at least she wasn't starved. She does seem very keen to come inside, but I am sure she will be perfectly happy once she has settled down. Stella might have her nose out of joint a wee bit, but I am sure she will settle down herself soon enough. Plus we are making sure that we give her heaps of cuddles and attention as well. I have booked Zara into the vets tomorrow for a check up and vaccinations.
I am working on building my relationship with God. I saw a trailer, that looked like a speedway trailer today, so I said a prayer for Trent. It was not an overly good one, but it was a start. I did discover that he was on porn sites today, but I am sure that through prayer and belief and faith that this will stop soon enough. I do need to ensure that the changes I am making with myself are permanent and work on this first, but I can definitley pray for Trent, and family and friends at this time too.
Well there are dishes to be done, and washing to be folded, go the persuit of 'perfect' wife. Its funny but cousin L is posting on Facebook traits of a 1950's housewife, and everyone is having a laugh, but what is actually funny is that if we actually treated these as sensible rules to live by there would be far less divorce and discord in relationships. There is no harm in displaying that you love someone by taking care of their needs.

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