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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sore throat

I had the beginnings of a sore throat last night. It never really manifest into anything today, just the odd uncomfortable feeling throughout the day. It's really not feeling all that good at the moment. I have taken a strepsils, so heres hoping that that calms it down, and kills off any bugs.

I had a fantastic day at work yesterday. I had to be brave and go to the factory in Eltham, meet up with two guys I have never met, and spend 5 hours in the company of several other people that I have never met. It was so interesting! It was to do with a customer problem we are having with SOS cheese. So I did not only learn about how sliced cheese was made, but the process management need to go through to fix problems. It was an awesome day, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience it. Thank you so much Lord, for giving me the opportunity, plus the drive to accept the opportunity!

T went to Tauranga today, more car parts for the mini sprint. It will be his last opportunity for a while since calving has begun, plus the importer guy is off overseas, so they would not have had the chance to see him for a while either. I hope that he gets to racing this season, as I think last season was hard for him without having any car to race.

Mum txt me today to say that Zara had another good day. Mum took her for a walk along the stop bank, and river. And she was so tired she even relaxed enough to have a wee sleep, so that is awesome.

Dear God. Thank you so much for such an awesome day today. Thank you for giving me the strength to not spend any money, again! And thank you for my upbeat attitude and internal monologue. Please continue to watch over my friends, animals and family, and continue to protect and guide them as you do best. Amen

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