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Sunday, July 25, 2010


I headed into Hawera today to buy my nephew presents for his 1st birthday. I asked my sister what he might like, and being the ever helpful person said, aww nothing (I know that between his two older sisters, and himself, they have more toys than a toy library). So I asked if she needed any clothes for him, and she said 'Yes please. He doesn't have many new clothes.' So I got him two shirts and a pair of track-pants. And being the greatest aunt ever, I also got him a little pull-a-long dog that barks and wimpers etc. I also got the 2 girls a book each. This is because at G's birthday everyone gets a Christmas ornament, so its not fair if I don't get small gifts for everyone at everyones birthday. Yes I have dug myself into a hole on this one.

I also bought two pairs of jeans for work, total cost $50.00. This was $10 over my budget, but since I had thought I would only manage to get one pair I am not reprimanding myself over this one.

Chocolate cake

Finally got around to making T (well okay T and me) a chocolate cake today. I had a pottle of cream in the fridge, so before it went to waste I thought that I had better get something whipped up. I forgot that our oven cooks a little hot, so the top burned a bit (well quite a lot). But I just cut the top off, whacked the cream in the middle, covered it in icing, and Waalaaa, one messy, and hopefully tasty cake.

My reading selection

I finally joined the library today. I have decided that while I love to buy my own books, in reality I very rarely re-read them, so that is a giant waste of money (oh I am being SO good with my spending these days). I got two 'religious books' - The Reason for God, and Finding Faith, which will hopefully begin to clarify the 'religion thing' for me. I also got 9 Critical Mistakes Most Couples Make, which also has a religious bent. I am slowly learning that consciously preventing discord in my relationship is better than trying to fix it when its discord has/is happened/ing. I also got 'A Man is Not a Financial Plan' to help assist me in my finances, and 'Champions - Body for Life' to help me work on my body and mind regarding my physical image.

So I am pretty happy all round. I can not remember if I wrote it yesterday or not, but I am having slight issues with being in a relationship out of wed-lock, now I am exploring Christianity. Even though we are talking about engagement (so obviously marriage) I do feel that I am not living a correct life anymore. I do trust that God accepts the 'pickle' that I have got myself into, and forgives me for it - but how long can I expect it to go on? I also worry that other people are judging me as 'hypocritical' for believing one thing, and living another - but once again, there is only one 'person' who is fit to judge me, and that is the Lord, so I truly hope he does forgive me.

Dear Lord. Thank you for blessing me today with enough money to buy C birthday presents, me some jeans for work, and just enough to cover 6 months of car registration. Thank you for directing me to certain books to encourage the expansion of my mind and spirit. Please help me with my patience, especially with T. Give me the strength to use my 2 ears to listen, my brain to think and stay calm, and my mouth to speak only when I have something pleasant and true to say. Please continue to bless my family, friends and animals. Amen

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