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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I love wireless

Last Saturday before going out to Kaponga School Quiz night - even when I think I look good I don't

We finally got wireless, so now I can sit anywhere I like and play on the computer. I even had a couple of games of chess today (which I lost terribly - but it has been a very long time since I last played a game).

I have had a terrible week with food. Made afghan and anzac biscuits, and ate them. Made more anzac biscuits today, and have eaten two. Ate a large packet of MnM's in the last 2 days, plus a milo bar. I need to work much harder on my diet. Especially since it is whenever I see myself that I get depressed. Arghhhhh at me!

Nothing of interest to write today really. Over the last week I was quite busy. Photographed all of last weekend at the Show Hunter Clinic in Hawera. Have managed to get all of the photos up on flickr. Not sure if I will sell any. Have arranged at work to be the Laboratory contact for the Risk Organism Response Plan. The head of it said that they had it all sorted, so I will just be involved in reviews, but at least it is a start. Here's hoping they have fairly regular meetings. I am also going to be involved in the interviews next Thursday, so that should be interesting.

Zara has been to the vet and had a tooth out, plus they fully clipped her. I went into town today and bought her a fleece jacket to keep her warm until her hair grows out. It will be p to me to groom her every second day to ensure she does not matt up again. I had to tell the vet that she was a rescue and that was how we got her as she seemed to think that I had let her get into that state.

T still has not done his thing and taken a sample to medlab. I just don't know what to do. I would love to adopt but don't know how to approach T about it. We just don't seem all that close at the moment, so perhaps I should work on that first, before anything else! The kitchen is still clean, and I have been making the majority of dinners, so my housewife project is still going quite well. I must take my vitamin B every morning though, as I have been quite tired, and grumpy, and that is not good enough.

Have been doing my best to pray, and be careful with my money. I did have one slip up with my money where I bought way too much junk/lollies on Thursday, but I am definitely getting better.

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