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Monday, July 12, 2010

RIP Doccy Dog

Mum and Dad had my staffy Doc's put down today. I still remember rescuing her from a skinhead brother of one of my flatmates at the time. Poor little girl was 3 months old and still the size of a 6 week old. For nearly 14 years she has had the true life of Riley. Beginning with a life on a 350 acre farm, then to the beach, and lately walks down by the Tukituki river everyday. I am so glad that T and I went there recently for a week to look after the dogs and cats, so we got to spend some quality time with Doccy Dog, and I am thankful to God for this. I am also very glad that Mum and Dad made the decision to have her put down before she began to suffer any pain or discomfort.

I am supposed to have the day off tomorrow, but I will go in from 8-10am to get the information required for my interviews on Thursday. I only have to participate in 4, so thats pretty cool. I am nervously looking forward to it.

T and I will be heading back to Waipuk. on Friday afternoon, as my tenants are moving out, and the new ones will be moving in the following Friday, so I would like to take a good look at the place before there are new people living in there.

I am currently waiting for a phone call from T. who invited me to the horse event a couple of weekends ago. I am so nervous, because I have a 'fear' of phone calls. Who would know why, but I just have never liked the phone. I much prefer txt and email contact. I am not sure why this is, but until the phone call is over I will be nervous. Its not like I am not articulate, or what ever. Just a form of shyness I guess.

So my head is pretty full at the moment. Dogs, and photography, and work, and T. too.

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