"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unproductive day

I have been so unproductive today. Got up at 6.40am as I had to go into work for 1.5 hours to cover what I need to know regarding interviews tomorrow. It meant that I had to cancel leave for today (well 1.5 hours of it) and I then booked more for Friday, since we need to go to Waipuk to check out the house, and see if we need commercial cleaners and wotnot. Silly me thought that we could head over after work on Thursday, but I forgot I don't finish until 4.30pm because of interviews, rather than 2.30pm, so we will need to head off fairly early on Friday morning (ie 8amish).

Other than that I have only organised my money and paid some bills, leaving me with not very much for the remainder of the fortnight. All will be well again in a months time, as I have my ute registration to pay with my next paycheck. And I am very glad I am actually be conscious of how much money I have, and what I am spending, and on what I am spending. I sure hope that I keep it up!

I also made some coconut ice, of which I have over indulged in and now feel slightly sick. It looks good though.

And I have walked the dogs, twice. Plus rescued a chicken from Zara, who obviously now has the confidence up to chase them - little bugger! I hope she doesn't chase the cats at mum and dads.

Finally I still have some washing to fold up, plus tea to cook. I have watched way too much tv, and basically been not the best kind of person today. At least the house is basically tidy, and I have been maintaining it. I do need to take the next step and really work harder on dusting and cleaning, and getting certain areas in order, such as our bedroom and my desk area. But I am getting there.

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