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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gotta curb my spending

Well I have been working hard at curbing my spending, up until a few days ago, where I overspent on chocolate, magazines, and other junk foods. I have now begun a record of spending, which covers not just what I have spent that day, but includes a listing of where I have mis-spent, and on what. One hopes that this may make me think a lot more about where each and every dollar and cent is going. I think the old adage is if you take care of the cents, the dollars take care of themselves. I am also going to begin a fortnightly total of my bank accounts. A record of what is in each bank account the day before payday. Hopefully, as I see the amounts in these accounts increase, then I will continue to feel inspired and continue to work hard at my finances.

One thing that will help (providing I DO NOT spend the funds elsewhere) is to purchase cheaper brands, rather than the top of the line. I will make a note where the cheaper brands do not serve me as well, so we can still have nice food, but where it makes no difference (ie handee towels, toilet paper, cling film) then I should purchase the cheaper brand. I was also thinking that if I get 'shop n go' I will be able to keep a track as I am spending, and curb my habits while in the store.

The blogs I am following are also great, as they are inspiring me, and motivating me to be a better person/human throughout. I am proud of the steps I am taking and the progress I am making, but there is still a long road ahead.

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