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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Awesome day

I had such a fantastic day today. It was the first time I have ever been a part of the interview process, from the other side of the table. I am so pleased that I got given the opportunity to assist in interviews, and I am very glad that I took up the opportunity. We interviewed 4 people, who were all pretty good. Hard to decide as to whether they would fit in or not, but luckily we have temp. jobs going as well, so that is a great starting point for them. I also got a free lunch for doing it, and extra hours worked off, so all in all it was pretty great. When I think that I have only worked at Fonterra for two years and they have invited me to be a part of interviews, (irrespectful of how many staff are currently around) I think that that is pretty awesome.

Today I also got an email from the environmental lady who said that I am able to be a part of the eco-efficiency team, if it is ok with my bosses, so thats pretty cool. I am so glad that I am making an effort to become more involved, as it is definitely making work more interesting, which it certainly needed to be, but was obviously down to my effort and not the effort of the company. Plus I am getting involved with the teamwork toolkit, so busy, busy, busy at work.

And I have now just got a visit from Socks, the neighbours cat. I was afraid she had been picked up in the SPCA raids of the other 'cat hording' neighbour who has been hospitalised, so it is good to see she is still around.

Not to mention I now have 3 sleep-ins as I took tomorrow off of work to head back home to check out my rental property before the new tenants move in. Will also get a chance to see the horses, and see how Zara goes with Mum and Dad. Mind you, she is so cute and full of life now I really don't think that I want to part with her. Will see how I feel on Sunday.

Now that God has got my life going in a fantastic direction, hopefully I can begin to work on my sweet-tooth, weight problem. There is no stopping me now baby!

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