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Friday, July 23, 2010

Blog 100

Its my 100th blog today. That covers quite a few years, including years I did not blog at all.

Nothing deep and meaningful today, not that I ever am, but even less so than usual.

Got three photo orders out today. I was only paid for two orders. The order that I gave out for free was for the Taranaki Rally. It was the first approach I have had for rally photos so I decided to give them to them in the hopes I will get future orders from the rally community. They had only asked for the one that they saw on youtube, but I sent them all 12 anyway. It doesn't cost me anything to email them, and it is promotional for me. Fortunately the horse photos printed out clearly this time as well, so I finally managed to get that order posted out. I really need to get a new website, so I might get in contact with S's friend, and get him to design me one.

I made chocolate fudge cake stuff today. The stuff that I can not stop eating. I have eaten way too much, but it is just so damn delicious. I also made Lasagne for dinner tomorrow, I sure hope C eats it. If not, I am sure we can find something else. Because I was making Lasagne for tomorrow, I made mince patties for tonights dinner, with rice and green beans. It was quite nice really. Nothing fancy, not overly delicious, just plain nice.

I asked T when he was going to propose today. He didn't commit to anything, he wants a wedding, I would prefer an elopement, but maybe if I can find a nice, small church we could have a small ceremony. I shall do a bit of a search now to see if I can find a church that I like.

Dear Lord. Thank you for blessing me today with intimate relations with T. Please forgive me for being unmarried at this point in time, I know you understand my reasonings, no matter how wrong it may be, and I know that you forgive me and I ask for you to please continue to do so until we are wed. Please continue to watch over me, T, my family, friends and animals. Thank you for the direction of my life so far, and I trust in your future journey for me. Amen

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