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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Focusing on the positive

Work is such a negative environment. I really do not know how to fix it. I was really negative, and I fixed myself, although I do get drawn back into those negative conversations - such and such did this, did that, gets this, I don't get that, wah, wah, wah. I don't even notice that I am being drawn into such conversations. I have told a friend at work to let me know when I am, so I can stop myself. I am trying really hard. And I have a much better attitude than last season. But some people are not happy unless they are moaning about 'poor hard done by me', and I get to listen to it. I do try to say 'its not our problem, let management sort it out', but thats to no avail. The same mournful 'woe is me' topics over and over and over again. I just tell myself, its not my place to judge, and try to get on with life. I will resume my 3pm walks, instead of 3pm afternoon teas, from next week to get myself away from it. I think it is just best for me to nod, smile, and ask God for patience.

On an up side, the 6 of us who did stay until 6pm tonight scored free pizza (left over from a management meeting - more co-worker gripes)! Heck, I love pizza. It was goooooood. And since in a weeks time I will begin 'Body for Life' it might be the last pizza slices for a while!

I have been so good this week! I have begun giving the bathroom a quick swipe with a cloth after my shower the last three days, so it has stayed clean. I have been making sure that the kitchen is clean and tidy every night before bed. My finances are all sorted and up-to-date. And I have NOT watched TV for the last three nights. T doesn't get the whole 'not watch TV' thing, but since I am a major TV addict, it is something I really need to cut. Essentially I will have it on all day, every day during my 4 days off. I have started slowly by turning it off after work (so it is only for a couple of hours, before I go to bed), but a girl has to start somewhere. Some of this may sound bizarre to organised people, but I am not the tidiest so it is a big change for me.

New habits to start next week are - pay more attention to T. Even though I have switched the TV off, I am still sidetracked by the computer (just catching up on emails and blogs - no games or surfing) so T is not getting the best undivided attention that I could possibly produce. And my other new habit will be 'healthy eating' in preparation for 'Body for Life'. Fingers crossed that I can complete this one as I had a work photo today, and talk about hideous! I am so 'unphotogenic' at the best of times, and I am currently at my worst! Bah!

Dear Lord. Please give me the patience and strength to opt out of negative work conversations. Please help me focus on the benefits of my job, the strengths of my co-workers, and the opportunities that are provided to me each and every day. Please bless my family, friends, and animals. Please help lead us all to salvation and peace. Amen.

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