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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home sick with the bot

Having a sick day today. I really don't like sick days as I find it hard to work out if I am sick enough to stay home, or whether I should go to work and soldier on. Case in point today, I was up from 4am-4.30am with bathroom visits. From 4.30-4.50am I just lay awake attempting to work out if I was sick or not. Got up at 4.50am as I was feeling fine. Had my shower, and was all dressed and feeling fine, then when I was making my lunch I had another stomach cramp and went back to the bathroom. At which point I decided that I wasn't feeling all that well, and decided to take a sick day. Truth be told, by 10am I was feeling much better, but it was better that I did stay home. To justify it further there are a few people who have received letters for having used all of their sick days, and others who use them for days off after a hard nights drinking. So I really don't feel too much guilt. I do just hate having to do it, thats all.

I got to watch Saving Private Ryan today. I think I may have seen all of it before, can not really remember. It is horribly graphic, and very long, and not at all very nice. Hopefully I remember this before I decide to watch it again. I do quite like war movies, but prefer much happier endings. And it was not of a real educational bent, like the one with Bruce Willis the other day.

I have walked the dogs this afternoon, plus given them both a quick brush. Zara got another zap off of the fence today, when down with T. Luckily she just ran straight back home. Its been a beautiful sunny day, that started off with a huge frost. Hopefully Zara decides to lay out in the sunshine a bit, instead of sitting inside the porch. I have taken her jacket off in the hopes of encouraging her to do a bit of sunbathing.

I am really beginning to feel good about my life.

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