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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

From a couple of days ago

Arghhh, having such trouble with the internet today. I think its Safari, but having no real idea of these things, I could be wrong.

Woke up early yesterday morning, and instead of talking to myself, constantly in my head, I decided to listen to God. What a wise decision! First thing I heard was 'Don't act like a child'. You see, I am currently on a visit back home, and no matter how hard I try, as soon as I am in the presence of my parents and sister, I act like an awful teenager all over again. Ugh! Second thing I heard was 'Keep your opinions to yourself'. Yes, I have to admit it, I am one of those childless people who 'knows' how children should be raised. Its so great to be me, and well, to receive my advice, how lucky are YOU! The third, and final thing, which also covers the first two, was 'Make YOURSELF proud of YOU!' And that sums it up perfectly. Make myself proud of me. So many times I have visited and hated myself on the return journey, due to my immature behaviour. So silly, when one is almost 39 years old! I also determined that I would say 'YES' to any request from my nieces (who can ask) and nephew (who can't yet) to any invitations to play.

This trip, so far, I have made myself proud of me. My sis and her family are all down with a bit of a tummy bug. I cleaned up the house after everyone had left yesterday (and believe me, there was A LOT of stuff to clean). Today I have cleaned up as everyone has gone. The girls and I have played lots of games, watched a Tinker-Bell movie, helped them with Mummies computer, on which Mummy currently plays far too much Zombie computer game - its turned her into a Zombie. Luckily I am outspoken enough to tell her to turn the jolly thing off, sit on the floor, and play a game of Cats Eye with us. And, no, my sis is not usually like that. She is a great mother, who showers them all with attention (usually), perhaps too much attention at times.

Unfortunately, I also possibly overstep the bounds, and ‘discipline’ the girls. Only in the sense of ‘fair play’. G gets told off if she is not giving T a fair go. And T gets told off if she is pushing the boundaries and trying to get G into trouble. I may be old and childless girls, but I am not stupid and blind.

C is a bit of a whinger. I would possibly think he is teething (no expert, obviously, but his cheeks look a little rosy. But he is always whiney. And why? I think it is because my sis and her partner always pay him attention when he is. I tried to say, ignore him, but my sisters way of ignoring him is to tell him she is ignoring him. Yeah, sorry, doesn’t work for me. But as I said, I am rather opinionated and I should learn to keep it to myself.

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