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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wellness - Falling to pieces

Weight loss

Hooray, I am down to 86.9kg, so I lost 800g this week.  Makes up for the 900g last week anyway!  So I am feeling a lot better about myself at the moment.  That said I did make a really scrummy treat food yesterday, and I can't stop eating it!  Luckily I made the pieces quite small, so hopefully I am not eating as much of it as I dread that I am.  Or I am just fooling myself into thinking that it is ok.  Weigh-in next week will tell!

Falling to pieces

The cold that I was 'suffering' through last week has FINALLY gone.  The nasty thing ended up giving me a couple of days of toothache, well I suspect that it did.  Each time I 'blew' my left nostril one of my top left teeth hurt, and a gazillion years ago when I had my wisdom teeth out I had to do some inhalation stuff as they had reached into my sinus's.  Self diagnosis, but there you go.  Cold is gone, toothache is gone, I'm happy.

Other parts of me are falling apart though.

I have a bruised hand, due to having an argument with the motorbike about my lack of backing it with a trailer skills.  Bike 1, Me 0 - lesson in staying calm in that one perhaps?!  

My hand problem however, is being multiplied by the fact that our calves can be a little bit rough while feeding.  What I often have to do is let the calves suck my fingers so I can draw their 'not so tiny' mouths towards the teats on the feeder.  Once they get the hang of it most of them find the teats on their own, a few however, are that busy faffing around, checking out what all the other calves are up to, that I have to repeatedly show them.
These 'darling, little' calves then start bunting, because they are HUNGRY, and my hand has been repeatedly bunted, with extreme force, into the plastic feeder!

Hand is getting sorer!

And my back hurts.  I thought it was getting better today, but no, once I have started feeding the calves in the morning it starts to hurt again.
It is not just down to the weight of the buckets, but the constant bending over the new arrival calves, to get them to feed on the feeder, or bottle.

Unfortunately, this all means that I am not the most pleasant of people to be around at the moment.

I am tired, and sore, which is not a great combination.

I am incredibly grateful that my cold and toothache has gone.
I am incredibly grateful that TJL gives me a hand, despite my totally grumpy 'I shouldn't have to ask you when you know I have a sore back' response to his 'why don't you ask me to help'.  My man has such patience!
I am grateful that my back is just muscle soreness, it's not 'out' (as far as I know), and that I haven't had problems before now, and I am 40!, so that is pretty rare.
I am grateful that I don't have to go out to work, and I can help TJL on the farm.
I am grateful that all of my ailments are temporary!


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