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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Back with the nieces

Made it back home with my nieces with no problems.  Other than the 'how much longer have we go to go?' questions (invariably less than 1 minute a part for real annoyance value :)

I got to my sisters just after 9am.  T was the only one up.  G had been sick overnight, and she and my sister were still in bed.


My sister finally got up, and I learned that nothing was packed or ready to go.  Noth.ing!


We finally managed to get on the road at 11.30.

Ah well, it is what it is.

We drove 45 minutes-ish and stopped off in Dannevirke for gas, and Sub.way for lunch (and another enforced bathroom break).

2 ish hours (and one nap each later) we got to Wanganui.  The is a lake that I have stopped off at times for the bathroom, but since I had the girls we walked right around the lake, which was great.  I would have taken photos but it was really shadowed so not the best.  I might try and take some when I drop them back home.  We also had another bathroom break, and I got the girls a slice each.  This break took about ONE HOUR!  Ooops!

1.5 hours after that we finally got home (after a stop for KFC in Hawera).  Got the girls inside (around the dog who gets uber excited!), had some dinner, and then they drew a little, played some twister, drew some more, played 'pass the parcel' (even though there wasn't a real parcel to pass), they ran around screaming for about 10 minutes (to frighten each other), then calmed down with half an hour until bedtime.  Fought me a bit on getting their teeth brushed.  Read them a story, and left them to it.

They claimed that they weren't tired, but I'm pretty sure that they were, and we haven't heard a peep from them, so I'm guessing that they went pretty much straight to sleep.  I do have to fight a wee battle with that one, since my sister lets them stay up as late as they like weekend and school holidays.
And they enjoyed the lights up in the bedroom, so that went down well.

Hopefully they don't wake up when I switch them off.

I hope that the rest of the visit goes as well.

Almost bedtime for TJL and I now.

I'm knackered!

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