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Friday, July 13, 2012

Snap Shots

Before I plonk a few snap shots onto my blog I thought that I would just say

for some reason I am unable to comment on peoples posts at the moment.  Dang annoying, but there you go.  I am reading, and having thoughts, I just can't let you all know about it :)

Photo time
This is a shot of 'our' farm.  The white stuff in the foreground, FROST!  It was a clear and crisp day on Monday.  The small white dot up in the sky, that would be Mr Moon.

'House cow' Loretta being milked.
Fortunately since cow 152 has calved Loretta now has a milking buddy, which has cheered her up immensely.  Not that she is looking depressed in this photo.

 Mt Taranaki in the distance, viewable from two sides of 'our' farm.  It is a stunning mountain in the mornings, especially when he has snow on him.  Again, the white dot, Mr Moon.

 This little puppy came and hung out with us, when we had the nieces staying and we took them to the beach and playground.  She was gorgeous!  I was extremely tempted to steal her, but didn't because I don't do that sort of thing, and her owners would of course be horribly upset.
C U T E  though!
Hopefully once we buy our actual own farm I can leave an order with the SPCA and Dog Pound to keep their eyes peeled for a wee scruffy dog for me.

 Oldest niece G swinging on some swingy thing at the playground.

 Niece T writing her name in the sand.  Don't know what had her attention seaward, probably TJL.

and finally TJL pretending to take wee T into the sea, was hilarious!  Notice the grey Winters day, no wonder we were the only people down at the beach!

And so ends my first week of 'themed post' days.  Tomorrow (Sunday) I am going tech free, so no computer for me.  Hopefully I won't regret it on Monday when I see how many emails and blogs I have to catch up on!

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babycrazykiwi said...

My fav view of the mountain!! Great shot :)