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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Friday - A day late

Yes, I am a day late with my Family Friday post.
Why is that one might ask?
Because being in a family of a size larger than 1, means a lot of things get shared,
like cold germs!

Yes, TJL who had the flu a couple of weeks ago, which I managed to avoid, 
caught himself a cold and then, passed it onto me.

Thanks Hon!

I felt it coming on Thursday night, TJL laid claim to our last lem.sip, 
so I had to try my late Grandfathers cold cure,
a shot of whiskey.

I don't drink alcohol.  
The shot of whiskey reminded me why. 
 It just tastes plain awful.  And while it gave me a great nights sleep, it didn't work.

I am a terrible sick person.
Man Flu, yes, I have to admit I am a huge sufferer of it.
The only job I managed to get done was to feed the calves, morning and afternoon.
The rest of the day was spent feeling very sorry for myself.
I was so 'hungry' waiting for TJL to bring our dinner home that I was nearly in tears.
Honestly, it wasn't THAT late, I was just being wussy.

 And then I read some more of my new book
Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis with Beth Clark
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And I began to feel so GUILTY.

I was upset because it is the middle of Winter, and we get so few fine days when I can get out into the garden, and get washing done and hung on the line, and I was SICK and couldn't take advantage of it.

Today I realised that I should be so THANKFUL that I have a washing machine to do my washing, and a dryer, that I can use if I really need to.  I also should be THANKFUL that TJL did wash a load of overalls, and hung them out, and all I had to do was to bring them in at the end of the day.  And I should be THANKFUL that I have a garden that grows so many plants with relative ease.

I was upset because it took TJL so LONG to get to town to pick up our takeaway dinner.

Today I realised that I should be so THANKFUL that we have not one but TWO vehicles to take us to town (10kms away), and MONEY to buy takeaways, when I am not feeling up to cooking.  And I should be THANKFUL that I have a partner who is available to provide me with dinner when I am feeling not-so-good.  And even if TJL hadn't bought us dinner we have plentiful supplies of food in our home, so I wouldn't have gone to bed hungry anyway.

I was sorry for myself because my nose was running, and my head was heavy, and I couldn't breathe very well and had to get up at 3am and move onto the couch because I couldn't sleep.  And at 3am there is next to NOTHING on TV.

Today I realised that I should be so THANKFUL that I have tissues in plentiful supply (or nice soft toilet tissue for that matter), and I have such easy access to medicines (should I choose to use them), and I can make myself a hot lemon drink with honey with total ease.  And I should be THANKFUL that my illness is so TEMPORARY, and so minor, and so easily 'fixed'.   And I should be THANKFUL that we have a TV to fill in my 3am sleeplessness.

And so, Dear Lord, if you haven't understood me clearly and plainly, I am begging your forgiveness for my selfish, self absorbed complaining yesterday.  I am extremely thankful for everything You have supplied in my life, especially in my 'hard times'.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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