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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wellness - Beauty Routine

Beauty Routine

I have never really had a beauty routine, and I certainly have never stuck to one.  Believe me when I say it is NOT because I am so delightfully beautiful that I don't need one, in fact the opposite is quite true, I am very plain at best.  I'm not sure as to why I never invested the time into making the best of what I have been graced with.   It is possibly because I never witnessed my mother partaking of anything so 'trivial', a mother who wore makeup on very rare occasions, and never appeared overly concerned about her own appearance.  I guess I just figured that it wasn't what rural ladies did, and I am nothing other than 100% rural.

I'm now 40.  I noticed the other day how old and dry my hands were looking, and now calving has started they are only going to get worse.  And so begins

Hand moisturising time

Lanolin Skin Créme
The moisturiser I have been using is the Merino Lanolin Skin Creme.  I bought it a few years ago for TJL, since his hands can get extremely dry and cracked from all of the intensive outside farm work that he does.

It is a great product, and I like the smell, and the feel.  And my hands definitely feel a lot smoother and softer.  There is not much left in the bottom of the container, and when it is used up I have a left over container of

Gardeners Hand Cream

designed with gardeners in mind.  Once I have used up both Scullys gardeners lavender hand cream and the Merino Lanolin Skin Creme, I will make a decision as to which one I want to keep using.

At the moment I am applying the cream 2 to 3 times a day.  Once before I head out on the farm, so it acts as a kind of barrier to what the morning can throw at me.  Once again when I get back in from the farm, as I obviously need to have given my hands a good ol' scrubb.  And then the final application just before heading to bed.

Because I am doing this at least twice a day, I have now also included 

Face washing and moisturising

Oh yes-sir-re-bob.  I am not the best face washer or moisturiser.  Now, before you all think I am super grub, in the old days when I went out to work my face was washed every morning when I had my shower, and then I would usually apply a touch of moisturiser.   

Now I am home most days, I am only showering every other day, thus every other day my face had been staying dirty (Oh the shame!) because no-one was going to see me.  And moisturising became non-existant.

Since I am doing my hands, I am now washing my face morning and night as well.  I only use water, as a great aunt of mine, who had very youthful skin, said it was because her mother told her not to wash her face with anything other than water.  On my shower days I do use a Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub.  

And my morning face wash is followed up with a quick Olay Moisturizing Lotion, as again, I am trying to use it as a bit of an outdoor protectant.

And I have to say, since I have been working on making the outside of me be the best it can be, it has also boosted my confidence somewhat, I don't feel quite so down and dowdy.

Here's hoping that long may it continue!


I am now down to 86.8kg!  Yippee!  

I did have a seriously bad day of food on Monday.  I had a peanut butter ball at around 2pm, followed by Bur.ger K.ing for lunch.  We then discovered that the road home was shut, as was the bypass, meaning we had to extend our drive by 3 hours.  We filled up for gas, and I bought a TON of lollies, and a bag of potato chips, which we ended up being our dinner.

Not good.

I am pleased, however, that the two or so days last week where I was really, really 'starving' was because A.Flo was nearly upon me.  I had panic'd and thought that my diet was all over and I was going to go back to eating screeds and screeds, but it appears I have it mostly back under control now.

Phew!  Goal one of being 87kg for IVF has been attained.
Next goal 80kg!

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