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Monday, July 23, 2012

Total Home - Theme decorating

One thing that amazes me when reading blogs by USA bloggers is the amount of celebratory holidays, and the associated decorating of their houses, front doors, front porches, in such fun, entertaining, and welcoming styles.

NZ doesn't really celebrate much at all.  Christmas and Easter, majority being presents and chocolate, no real depth (in my experience).  We also have ANZAC day, which isn't really a celebration, more of a commemoration of soldiers, particularly WWI and Gallipoli.  We have Waitangi Day, for the Treaty of Waitangi, but that is more devisive than something to be celebrated these days.  Queens Birthday, and Labour Day, and that is about all.  Halloween is becoming bigger, but again, it is more about the lollies than of any real significance.

So I have decided that I might just make our entryway go with the seasons, plus Christmas, Easter, ANZAC Day, and possibly Halloween.  
That makes 8 designs a year.

Today I popped outside and took a snapshot of our house frontage.

How welcoming is this?  Can my scale go to the negatives?  It is awful, and I never actually thought about it until today.  This is what visitors see when they arrive at our house.

I repeat

It literally screams 

We have
Stacked up outdoor furniture,
 A broom,
Small shovel for picking up chicken poop, (plus actual chicken poop)
And you can catch a glimpse of our little black dog in the doorway.
Stella-D is most welcoming to all guests, if you like dirty little paw prints all over your nice clothes that is!

The only thing I like is the wee red tricycle, but it needs a bit of a revamp too.

So today I did a bit of internet searching on Spring ideas on how to decorate the front of our home.  Anything we do has to be removable, since we don't actually own the property.
I am going Spring theme, as even though it will be a month early, it's 2 months to late for Winter.

I came up with quite a few ideas that I like, which I have pinned to

Even though a few of the ideas actually involve hanging things from the front door, which just can not happen on a glass, sliding door, they would transfer to being placed on the steps.

My aim tomorrow is to head to 
and see if I can pick up some cheap fake flowers, but they still have to look good!
I have decided to try fake flowers first, as the front of our house is South facing, and gets ZERO sun, all day, every day, except maybe very, very, very late afternoon.

If I can't find fake flowers that I like, I have been researching shade loving flowering plants that I might attempt to grow in pots.

Lets see how I go on my first attempt at improving the entrance to our home!  Hopefully I have a nice update next Tuesday.

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