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Friday, August 03, 2012

Family Friday - Family dinner

I didn't get a chance to post a 'My Thoughts' post yesterday, I was a bit knackered during the day, and then TJL's Mum came over for dinner, and brought TJL's feathered brother with her,
our house guest for too many a few days.

Don't let his cuteness fool you, he can be super loud!  I do feel sorry for him though, as he is very intelligent and it must be boring just handing out in one spot all day, not getting to fly around.  I leave the radio or TV on for him if we are outside.

Anyway, because the MIL was dropping off the bird, TJL invited her to stay for tea.  No problem!  I would just chuck a roast beef in the oven.  Simple!  Except the vet arrived at 2.30pm to check on a couple of cows (as a side note, one was TJL's favourite, Sniffy, who had cancer of her third eyelid, which is now removed and she should be fine), and I popped down shortly afterwards to start feeding the calves.

TOTALLY forgot to put the roast in the oven!
Remembered about it at 4pm

No panic, I thought about takeaways, but decided to whip up some homemade Sweet n Sour Pork.  Got the pork slices out of the freezer.  

At which point I also clicked onto the fact that I got the frozen rhubarb out to defrost, but forgot to get the frozen apple out, for a rhubarb and apple crumple.
Thank heaven for microwaves!

Luckily I had to pop into the store to get ice-cream to go with the dessert, so I bought a pork chop as well (very small shop so I was fortunate that they had a pork chop!) which I chopped up to boost the pork content.

Fortunately dinner turned out great!

Dessert however, was a bit of a flop.  Not majorly, but my crumble top wasn't crunchy, so it mostly ended up being stewed fruit with ice-cream.  Still delicious, just not styley like I hoped!

All in all it was a good dinner.  I was tired, and my back hurt, but it was all good.

I thought I would also include a few photos I snuck of TJL during the day, attempting to drench our two 1 year old bulls with pour-on, without taking them to the yards.  I caught him doing it through the window.

'C'mon Dougal, you know you want to come closer than that!'

'How about you Douglas?  Would you like a drench?'

Yes, that would be a big 'NO  THANKS'
And TJL ended up using the yards after all.

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