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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Total Home - Winter washing

Blog housekeeping

I still can not comment on other peoples blogs!  So sorry, I am trying, but it's just not happening.  Don't know WHAT I might have done.

I WAS supposed to show off my new front door area today.
I caught a cold, that I am only just getting over now.  The cold led to toothache (tooth somehow connected to my sinus' perhaps?  I know when I had my wisdom teeth out I had to inhale some 'stuff' because it had reached my sinus').  And feeding calves has lead to a sore back.  It's just muscle soreness (I hope), and once I am used to lugging 2 x 20kg buckets of milk at a time I am sure I will be fine.
All of this means that I didn't even get to a shop until today to buy some 'decorations', and with my back being a bit tender, I wasn't in the mood to carry one of my very heavy pots to the front to get replanted.  Hopefully I will get onto it this week.

I did snap a photo of what I did buy today.
2 x 12 packs of Pansy's, 4 x cyclamen, a 'bird feeder' which is WAY too light to hang outside, and 5 colourful plastic pots. 
Total cost for all of this, $41
Boy oh boy I hope it works!
If not, I will have learned one way NOT to do it :)

And so today, I am reduced to a total home post all about getting the 'washing' dried on our outside rotary clothesline.

Not our clothesline and NOT our garden!

While I do have a dryer, I do prefer not to use it, because it can cost a bit to run.  
Fortunately being at home 'all the time' I get to take advantage of any fine days we have, which I have to admit this Winter have actually been quite plentiful.

What I have learned this Winter when it comes to hanging our laundry on the clothesline is:-

1.  Don't even bother on a drab, dull day unless there is a breeze.  It just hangs there doing nothing, and you end up using the dryer anyway (so it doesn't get that 'left in the machine' smell) which means you do a whole heap of extra work for nothing!

2.  Don't use every line on the washing line.  Use every second one to ensure any breeze out there can circulate amongst the clothes.

3.  Get the washing done early AND bring it in early, like hung out before 10am and brought back in BEFORE 3pm!  After 3pm it just starts to get damp again.

4.  Don't beat yourself up if you end up having to use the dryer.  Sometimes there is just no way around it, whether for just finishing off what nature has done, or because nature isn't letting you get loads hung up outside.  Better to use the dyer than to have no clean clothes!

So hows THAT for an exciting Total Home Tuesday post :)

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babycrazykiwi said...

Sometimes if I have trouble commenting I make sure the box 'keep me logged in' isn't ticked when I log in as that seems to stuff things up at times. I've had all manner of issues with blogger lately and have sent numerous not very nice complaints so I'm hearing you :) Definitely lucky being home to do outside washing. This year has been good but in the past I remember winters where the washing didn't see the light of day for months lol. Not fun living in a chinese laundry (we don't have a dryer). All the best for the front door decoration and hope you feel well soon.