"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


A gorgeous Taranaki day today.  

The girls entertained themselves this morning playing a few games on Wii, helped walk Stella-D, and shifted the cows.  And then they watched 'Bring it on' ... again.

By then it was lunch time, which called for 2 minute noodles!

After lunch we headed to the pools.  TJL went and ran some errands while I sat with the girls at the pools and supervised.  G went on multiple trips on the hydroslide, while T stayed down in the beginner pools.  I was so relieved that I didn't have to don togs and get in there with them, because while I would loved to have hopped in, and while I have lost nearly 10kgs already, I am still not anywhere near swimsuit ready!

I had originally planned to go to the movies today, but decided that since tonight was going to be their stay up late night, that I would rather wear them out with a bit of activity.  Twoish hours at the pools solved that!

Got home and we all walked Stella-D again, before I got onto making pizza for tea.  The girls made their own pizzas.  They had a spaghetti base instead of plain old tomato.  And then made faces with pineapple, mushrooms, bacon, ham, chicken, and a slice of capsicum for the mouth.  I did take photos, but haven't uploaded them to my computer yet.

While I was cooking tea the girls (with some help from TJL) built a fort, that they planned to sleep in for the night.  Involved chairs and sheets and duvets.  (Wish I had taken a photo now, as I totally forgot).

They settled in their fort quite nicely after their shower/bath, until they had a Skype conversation with their mother, which involved a lot of loud talking, and screeching, and silliness. 

Because they were going to be staying up late I made a quick chocolate pudding with custard as dessert.  G ate it happily, T didn't like it much, so she had a banana.

At 9pm we, ie the adults took over the TV, at which time the girls decided that they wanted to sleep in the bed, rather than in their fort.


My plan of physically wearing them out a bit worked!

I got them settled into bed, read them a story, and now it's adult 'quiet' time, which involves some State of Origin!  Game three.  Series tied at 1-1.  C'mon Blues!  Mind you, I am likely to go to bed myself soon anyway.

We did encounter a few tears today.  Once when T accidentally kicked G in the nose, understandably that hurt.  A lot!  And then T tonight when she decided that she missed 'Mum'  Again, this is understandable, she is only 5, and Mum is a long way, away, and no where near as strict as Aunty MJ.

Tomorrow will be movie day, so I bought MnM's at the supermarket to save some $$$$ tomorrow.

Oh, and fantastically my tax refund came today, so I am not as strapped for cash as I was yesterday, which takes a bit of pressure off of me for having the girls here.

All n all a fabulous day, made even more fabulous by the fact the girls went to bed!


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