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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Meals and Munchies

I like how the changing of my blog to be more structured also coincides with my 300th post, a fact I only noticed after posting yesterday.

So my first meals and munchies post will just be a recap of some of what I got up to meal and treat wise, hopefully as I get myself organised I will, well, be a bit more organised in my meal and munchies posts.

Munchies first

 The first treats I made with the girls was Teacup Biscuits, as requested by G.  Super simple to make

Hundreds & Thousands biscuits
Peach lollies (cut in half for the handles)
Milk chocolate (for the top of the marshmellow)
White chocolate (to glue all of the pieces together)
Sprinkles (to go on the chocolate on top of the marshmellow)

Simple instructions - stick them all together with white chocolate to make a 'teacup'


We then made them again, with a few different ingredients

Chocolate Krispie Biscuits
Snow balls
Sour fizzy lollies (cut in half for the handles)
White Chocolate (for glue)
and T's version had M'n'Ms

T's version became 'snowmen' where the layering is Krispie Biscuit, Marshmellow, Snowball, Sour fizzy lolly, and M'n'M

G stuck with a teacup, where the snowball replaced the milk chocolate and sprinkles

The final treat I made were peanut butter balls (and while they don't look so good in the picture, I can assure you they are delicious - my sister ate 2, and then had a third for dessert!)

Super simple to make

1 pkt of chocolate digestive biscuits, crushed up
1 cup of peanut butter
Milk chocolate (about 250g)
Chocolate bits

Blend peanut butter and biscuit crumbs together, shape into balls, put into freezer until frozen.

Melt milk chocolate and dip peanut butter balls into chocolate, and then roll in sprinkle, chocolate bits, or whatever you choose (I haven't perfected this yet, as you can see, and my choc bits were rather large so I just stuck them on by hand).
Refreeze until chocolate has set.

Super rich treats, so I wish I had made the balls smaller!


One night during last week we had homemade pizza for dinner.

I handmade the bases as I like a thin base, and the girls designed their own 'Pizza Faces'

For their base sauce we used canned spaghetti, and topped it with a mix of Edam and Tasty cheeses.

They then used pineapple, ham, chicken, bacon, mushroom, and capsicum to make the faces.

G's (aged 8) pizza is the top one, and 
T's (aged 5) pizza is the bottom one.
TJL and I had an adult version of the pizza with diced canned tomato (drained to remove most of the juice) and onion on the base.
Topped with Edam and Tasty cheeses, mushrooms, pineapple, bacon, chicken, and capsicum

After having the girls to stay we had a TON of leftovers, so last night and tonight involved trying to use them up.

Last nights dinner involved left over macaroni cheese (with mushrooms and bacon), peas and corn (I have 4 bags in the freezer, whaaaaa?) and baked crumbed chicken thigh (roll the thigh in flour seasoned with garlic salt, dip in beaten egg, roll in bread crumbs, and bake at around 190 celcius for 60 minutes or until juices run clear).

Tonights dinner involved using leftover rice, beans, carrots and broccoli in a stir fry (with egg) and serving it up with the extra chicken thighs that I cooked the night before. 

To the stir fry I added ginger, soy sauce, salt and pepper.

Wasn't the best, but it was at least edible!

Hopefully I come up with better meals during this week!

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