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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Day 2 survival

TJL and I have survived 2 entire days with my nieces (3 if you include my long drive with them from Waipuk to here!).

Yesterday G didn't get out of bed until about 9.30am (my rule for school holidays is that they can sleep in as late as they like, but they still have to be in bed by 8.30pm).

While G slept, T fed the goldfish, and let the chickens out.

Once G was up, and had had her breakfast, I took them for a bike ride to the back of the farm.  It was a gorgeous, but cold, morning and they loved seeing Mt Taranaki in all his glory.

They had cream styled corn for lunch (they wanted 2 minute noodles but we didn't have any).

Then we cruised into Stratford to post some 'guff' to Poland!, and the girls got 4 post cards each to send to 3 sets of Grandparents, and their parents (which has just reminded me that I need to get them out in tomorrows post).

And we did a supermarket shop (to get two minute noodles amongst other things).

We then made Tea-Cup Biscuits, as per G's request,
which were super easy.  My handles are a wee bit dumb, but I couldn't think of an alternative to life-savers and the supermarket had limited alternatives.  Plus I couldn't find Arnotts Tic Tocs for the bases, so I just used 100's n 1000's biscuits.  And I couldn't find Allens Freckles for the tops, so I just melted some milk chocolate and spread that on the tops, with a few sprinkles added.  Essentially the only original ingredients that I used were the marshmellows and the white chocolate to use as glue.

T and I then went for a walk up the hill, while G stayed at home playing Wii Tennis, but she met us at the end of our walk, where they then rode their bikes around and around the bosses 'round-about'.

We finished the evening off with dinner, a 'shower/bath', skype with my sister, teeth and bed.

Today, we actually managed to fill in time ALL DAY at home, which was good as it rained from the mid morning.

First thing we went off with TJL to shift and feed the cows, and milk Loretta.

Played some more Wii, and then watched the end of Hoodwinked, and then I let them watch 'Bring it on', which may not be age appropriate, but since my sister lets them watch Distraction, amongst other things, I didn't think it was too bad.  Plus they didn't want to watch 'Surfs up' which is our only child's DVD, and they don't like it!

2 minute noodles for lunch.

Carrots, cheese, and assorted snacks for afternoon tea, where they watched 'Tangled', and TJL's Ma and his niece C called in, so they stayed until the end of the movie.

We also played a board game, a car racing game, snap, and twister!

After tea it was 'shower/bath' time, followed by revenge on Trent with a pillow fight, and about an hour of flips and gymnastics, and then half an hour of 'quiet time' which involved TV, and then teeth and bed.

When I write it like that it sounds like A LOT of TV, and it is BUT they have been raised with the TV on from wake up to bed time, and since we only have them for a week there is only so much we can do.  We also have limited toys, books, and no friends for them here, and I am not driving them here, there, and every where to entertain them.  Plus, because of how they have been raised, they are extremely easily bored and have no idea on how to entertain themselves.  

All I can say is, the rod my sister has made for her own back is a nasty one.  They are lovely kids but hard work (and I never know if they are telling the truth or not!) which is entirely not their fault.

And now TJL and I have adult time for an hour or so before we head off to bed (how my sister survives with - 'go to be whenever you like' over school holidays, I will never know!

One thing I am glad about is that dinners have been going down well so far, and I haven't even cooked Pizza (tomorrow) or Macaroni Cheese (their favourite)  yet!  

4-5 days to go!

We can do it!

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