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Monday, July 09, 2012

Total Home - In the garden

I spent a wee amount of winter time in the garden yesterday, and kind of today.

Yesterday I transplanted 25 strawberry plants into tyres, to go with the 11 I transplanted earlier into a wooden planter.  These plants came out of either the ground, or our old strawberry planter, which didn't work too well.  I think we started with about 12 plants, so to have grown to 36 is great.  Not that I am sure all will survive of course.

 So these are 4 of the 6 tyres I planted out.  The white stuff is frost from this morning, brrrrr!  I originally planned to plant them into potting mix, but each tyre was going to take a bagful, so dirt from the garden it was!

This is how I have set them up in the garden, left a wee bit of space to access them from all sides, but in hindsight, I probably didn't need to do that.  Hopefully being planted into tyres means I can keep the strawberries themselves off of the dirt, and they should be easier to cover to stop the birds, when the time comes.  One plant already had some flowers on it!  I picked those off so the plant can concentrate on establishing itself in it's new area.

Today I went and got myself some seeds, and seed potatoes.  I'm a bit early on the seed front, as I shouldn't plant anything until September, but I can not wait that long so I will plant a few out next month, and hope some survive for an early crop.
Seed potatoes that I bought are Summer Delight (never heard of them) and Jersey Benne's.  Other seeds are Dwarf Beans, Honeysweet Sweet Corn, Greenfeast Peas, Cherry Dots Baby Tomatoes, Cylindra Beetroot, and Chantenay Red Cored Carrots.

 Jersey Bennes all trayed up to sprout.

Summer Delight all trayed up to sprout.

I also bought a new fern, as the last one I had in the bathroom died (due to me failing to actually pot it on from its teeny tiny pot).
 I already had the pot, which I failed to pot the old fern into.
This time I made sure to do it straight away!

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